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StudentTerra – online consultations for students StudentTerra – online consultations for students

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Case Study «The question is what types of resistances have been shown by project personnel»,
Fear of the computer


Fear of the computer

The question is what types of resistances have been shown by project personnel




Case Study


Fear of the computer




Answer all questions. Part A: Terrifying Case Study of Computers The New England Arts Project was based above an Italian restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The project had five full-time employees, and during the busy times of the year, especially the month before Christmas, it hired up to six.Part-time workers to write envelopes, address and send mailing letters. Although each of the five full-time had a formal title and job description, the observer would have had a hard time distinguishing their jobs. Susan Clammer, for example, was the CEO and chief of the office, but she can be found writing or licking envelopes like Martin Wilk, who has been working for less than a year as an office coordinator., Which is the lowest position in the project hierarchy. Despite constantly feeling a month late, the office operated relatively smoothly. No one on the outside would have prayed to find a mailing list or budget in the office, but the project staff knew where almost everything was, and after a quiet fall they didn't mind their small space being full of workers in November. But a number of federal funding agencies the project relied upon are starting to complain about the cost of part-time workers, the amount of time the project spends dealing with routine paperwork, and the chaotic conditions of its financial records. The pressure for radical change was constant. . Finally Martin Wilk said, "Maybe we should get a computer." For Walk, a recent college graduate writing his papers on a word processor, computers were just another tool to make the job easier. But his faith was not shared by others in the position, the youngest of whom was fifteen years older. I'll eat the computer The project's mailing list, they said, eliminated any fundraising opportunity for this year. He will send the wrong things to the wrong people, insulting and convincing them that the project has become another anonymous organization that does not care. They swapped horror stories about computers costing them thousands of dollars for purchases they had never made or the same plane seat for five people. We will lose all control, Suzanne Clammer complained. She saw some kind of office automation was inevitable, yet still thought she would likely quit before that happened. She liked to manually mail the art patrons she met, and she felt sure that the recipients contributed More because they recognized her elegant blue print.Remembered the pains of writing the class in high school and thought she was too big to take on something new and bound to be more confusing.Two other employees, she worked with them for ten years, called her after work to ask her if there was any possibility of A computer in the office means they have to look for other jobs. Someone shouted, ""I have enough grammar problem." I will never be able to learn a computer language. “One morning, Clammer called Martin Wilk in her office, shut the door, and asked if he could recommend any computer consultant. I read an article that explained how a company could waste thousands of dollars by adopting integrated office automation the wrong way, and she saw that the project He must hire someone for at least six months to operate the new machines and teach the employees how to use them. Wilk was happy that Clammer clearly accepted the idea of ??a computer in the office. But he also realized that as the resident authority on computers, he had a lot of work to do. Do it before they go shopping for machines. The question is what types of resistances have been shown by project personnel

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