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StudentTerra – online consultations for students StudentTerra – online consultations for students

Online consultations
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For clients

1. Can I edit the task?

Yes, to do so, use the "Edit" button.

2. How and where can I see the experts’ testimonials?

Click on the expert's name and you will be redirected to his page.

3. The time to choose an expert expired (status "order is closed") but I didn't have time to choose an expert. What should I do?

Just open the tab "Closed orders" and click "Open the order"

4. Can I place the same order once again?

You don't need to place the same order twice. If you have an order in the "Closed orders" menu, you can easily open it again, this is faster and convenient. By the way, all messages and prices will be saved.

5. I chose an expert, when will he start start to work on my task?

If you want your order to be placed on StudentTerra, you need to pay an upfront fee. StudentTerra guarantees complete security of your contract with an expert. The money will be stored in your account as balance. The expert will receive the money after you confirm the order completion. If the expert fails to complete the task, we will make a 100% refund.

6. Where to find the button "Place an upfront fee"?

«Place an upfront fee» button is on the bottom of the order page (the same place where you can find tabs «Discussion» and «Price»).

7. How to download the result of the expert's work? Open the "Files" tab

The files with the completed task will be available when the expert uploads them. This tab is located on the order page (in the same place where the "Discussion" tab "Prices").

8. How many times can I send the work to the expert for free tweaking and finalizing?

You can send it back until your order is completed in accordance with the original task.

9. How long does the warranty last?

The minimum warranty period of the orders is 28 days for diploma papers, 21 days for tests, course papers, practical training reports, and doing sums; 14 days for reports, essays and cheat sheets.
A warranty period exists because clients often need to send the task for finalizing or to make applications to the website arbitrage. When the warranty period expires, the system will automatically confirm order completion, and the money will be transferred to the expert.
After finalizing, a new warranty period will be opened, before you confirm order completion.
If the application to the arbitrage of the website has been opened, the warranty period will be extended until the arbitrage provides its decision on the order.

10. The deadline is over and the expert did not upload the result, what should I do?

You can send a message to the expert via website chat. Maybe he has a good reason for the delay and he will upload and send the task file ASAP.
In addition, you can contact us with a request to get in touch with an expert. To do so please contact the online consultant of the site or send us an email

For experts

1. Why do I need a rating?

Rating is your reputation on the website. Take maximum orders and perform high-quality results on time and your reputation helps you receive the orders with the highest prices.

2. How to calculate the rating?

The rating increases:
  • one point every $2 of completed order's prices. If you responded to the order within 30 minutes after its submission, we will add 50% more rating points for the order,
  • 5 units for the invitation of an active expert at the request of the customer.

3. I offered a price, when can I start working?

If the client has chosen you to work on the task, he needs to place an upfront fee (click "Place an upfront fee"). After that, the order will moved to the rendering stage, when you will be able to exchange files.

4. I completed the order, when can I get the money?

The money will be stored in the client's account until he confirms the order completion or until the warranty period expires. The task requires free tweaking and finalizing or until the warranty period expires. Then the money will be transferred to you.

5. What type of tweaking and finalizing can be considered as free?

Those that fit the original task. If you have a dispute with an client, you have the right to contact the arbitrage of the website.

For all users

1. Why do I need the "My messages" tab?

“My messages” tab shows notifications about your orders, news and order settings.

2. Can I withdraw money from the website?

Yes, it’s possible to do it if necessary. Click on "Withdraw funds" in your account and send an application, specifying the amount of money and other details (for example, your credit card or Paypal account number).

If you haven't found answers to your questions, please contact our Customer Support Team. We will be glad to help you with any issues or enquiries!
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