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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") are a legally binding agreement between STRM-Group Inc., a Delaware corporation with registered address at 1201 Orange Street, Suite 600, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, and You as a resident of the United States of America (hereinafter "Customer" or "Expert", both “Users”), or
SIA "Profilance Group", a company incorporated under the laws of Latvia with registered address at Riga, Lokomotives iela 78-20 and its headquarters located at Riga, Terbatas iela 14, and You as a resident of another countries and territories,
for the usage of StudentTerra Services described herein ("StudentTerrа", "Web Platform").

Please make sure that you fully understand the contents of this Agreement. If you have any doubts about any of your rights and obligations resulting from your acceptance of this Agreement, please consult us or obtain legal support.



In this Agreement, the following definitions are used:

“Contractor” means an individual registered on the Web Platform StudentTerra with an account classified as “Expert” for receiving Orders from Customers.

“Customer” means an individual registered on the Web Platform StudentTerra with an account classified as “Customer” for receiving Assignments from Experts.

StudentTerra or “Web Platform” means the website located at

“Commission” means the fee StudentTerra charges for Services. Services include but are not limited to ensuring security of the transactions, technical maintenance of the file servers and Web Platform, and customer support.

“Price” means a payment that the Customer makes for Assignment in the amount determined by StudentTerra and quoted on the order page.

"Services" is understood to mean the provision of the fee-based services of documents production, rendered by the Contractor to the Customer. A list of the documents is available at and other documents, which production was requested by the Customer on the Website.

“Assignment” means a product of intellectual work published or provided by Contractor to Customer through StudentTerra.

“Copyright” means the legal right for use and distribution of Assignment, which is transferred from Expert to Customer at the stage where Customer accepts Assignment with the intent of commercial or private use. Customer accepts and does not deny the Contractor’s authorship, and Contractor’s right to use their name in the document.

“Services” means the marketing services provided by StudentTerra for users to organize their interaction on the Web Platform for the purposes of ordering Assignments on various thematic orientations (articles, materials, illustrations, written opinions, etc.), and providing online consultations on a given topic on the Web Platform.


1.1 Assignments provided by Contractors are to be used for research and study assistance purposes only. Under no circumstances, Assignments are to be plagiarized by submitting them as your own work.

1.2 The following is prohibited on the Web Platform:

1.2.1 The use of profanity, offense, spreading malware, discrimination of all types, insulting religious beliefs, the publication of materials that violate the rights of others (including plagiarism) and any other actions , which break the laws of the United States and/or Riga;

1.2.2 The exchange of contact information between any users (including e-mail, skype id, telephone numbers, etc.) for communication outside of the Web Platform.

1.3 During registration, Contractor or Customer must provide genuine, accurate and complete information, as well as maintain this information up to date. If a user provides false information during registration on the Web Platform, and/or StudentTerra has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided by Contractor or Customer is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, StudentTerra has the discretion to cancel Contractor or Customer’s registration on the Web Platform by blocking and/or delete such account.

1.4 StudentTerra has a right at any time at its discretion to request a confirmation of their personal information from Expert or Customer (for example, documents confirming the identity of the user), provided by Contractor or Customer during registration on the Web Platform, and preventively block the account until the request is fulfilled. StudentTerra has a right to have access to any information placed on the Web Platform, including any conversations and personal data in the user’s account. If Contractor or Customer does not provide the requested information and/or supporting documents within 7 calendar days, StudentTerra has a right to leave the suspicious account permanently blocked.

1.5 To log in to an account, Contractor or Customer must enter the email address and the password selected or generated during registration on the Web Platform.

1.6 Contractors and Customers agree to protect the confidentiality of information used to access their account. Contractors and Customers also agree to immediately notify StudentTerra of unauthorized (carried out by a third party without consent) access to the account, using their email address and password, and/or of any other breach of (suspected of violating) confidentiality of the email address and password.

1.7 StudentTerra may at its discretion and without giving a reason block or delete a Contractor or Customer’s account.

1.8 User agrees and acknowledges that the Web Platform is not a party to any agreements, arrangements, and contractual relationships that may arise between users of the Web Platform. A user does not enter into an employment relationship with the Web Platform and is not an employee of StudentTerra.

1.9 Copyright for Assignment is transferred from Contractor to Customer when the status of Assignment changes to “Completed”. If the status of Assignment changes to “Completed” as a result of a full refund in favor of Customer, no transfer of copyright occurs.

1.10 It is strictly prohibited to transfer your StudentTerra account or grant access to your StudentTerra account to any third party. The formal account holder is responsible for any violations of the Agreement and any other illegal actions and bears all the risks and consequences arisen from such actions. StudentTerra reserves a right to terminate any account suspected of having been transferred to a third party, at its own discretion.


2.1 As a part of Services, the Contractor is obligated to fulfill the instructions specified by Customer. Instructions, which have been given to Contractor in the chat, take priority over the instructions posted in the "Task text" section on the Assignment page; while the "Task text" section takes priority over the instructions initially specified in Assignment parameters.

2.2 The quality of Assignment provided by the Contractor must meet the requirements specified in the Assignment.

2.3 Contractor may not include information and materials in Assignment from third-party sources without adding a reference to the source of such information or materials. E-books and websites on the Internet used as reference information and source materials must not constitute more than 30% unless otherwise requested by Customer.

2.4 Assignments are delivered to Customers as a link sent to their email in an automated message. The customer has to log into their his or her StudentTerra account in order to use the link. Delivery time is based on the deadline set by the Customer. The clock for delivery time starts at the time when the Assignment is successfully accepted and paid.

2.5 Customer's instructions for Assignment must be clear and accurate. If such instructions are unclear and the Customer does not add the necessary instructions within a required timeframe, such Assignment cannot be completed. In this case, a full refund will be issued in favor of the Customer upon their request, without any penalties for the Contractor.

2.6 Any revisions requested for Assignment that is under warranty period must fall within Customer’s initial instructions for Assignment. Any substantial changes to the initial instructions will be considered editing. Editing is an additional service – in this case, the Contractor may decline to carry out a revision or offer their editing services for additional charges.

3 PAYMENTS ON StudentTerra

3.1. The total price for Assignment includes the Service Fee and is provided to Customer after choosing Contractor and before submitting a Payment on StudentTerra.

3.2 Customer can make a payment through the following payment institutions on the Web Platform: VISA or MasterCard, and PayPal.

3.3 The website provides the services on the terms of 100% advance payment. The deposited funds are reserved until the final confirmation of the order completion by the Customer, which allows 100% refund to the Customer (with a deduction of the payment system's commission fee), placed by him as an upfront fee.

3.4 The status of Assignment changes to ‘Order completed, until the end of the warranty’ when Contractor uploads the final and complete version of the Assignment.

3.5 Customer and Contractor may not disclose payment information to other users. Customer shall not make payments in any amount related to the preparation and completion of Assignment to Contractor, directly or indirectly, in any way other than through the methods provided by the Web Platform. StudentTerra reserves a right to block or delete a user's account if that user has been attempting or intended to pay for such services outside StudentTerra.

3.6 Bonus credits granted to any Customer do not have a real monetary equivalent outside the Web Platform, and thus, may only be used for purchasing Assignments on StudentTerra. Withdrawal of the bonus credit to accounts outside StudentTerrais prohibited. In case of a refund, the bonus credit may not be reimbursed.


4.1 For non-performance or inadequate performance of their duties under this Agreement, the Parties shall bear responsibility in accordance with the legislation of Ireland.

4.2 The user is responsible for all actions performed in the Personal account.

4.3 The user is fully responsible for the safety of the password for access to the Personal account, for loss or other damage that may arise due to unauthorized use of this data. The User is obliged to immediately inform the Company about the fact of loss of the password, or unauthorized access to the Personal account, or the possibility of such a situation.

4.4 The users are responsible for any actions aimed at changing or disrupting the normal operation of the company's website, as well as for the unfair use of the company's resources.

4.5 The administration does not guarantee the absence of problems and errors on the website.

4.6 The administration does not carry responsibility:

4.6.1 For the information posted by users;

4.6.2 For any actions taken by the website users, including the timing and quality of the Services, provided by the Experts; for the unjustified claims of the Customers to the Experts, and vice versa; for violation of the copyright of third parties, etc.;

4.6.3 Under no circumstances for consequential losses. The term "consequential loss" refers to (but is not limited by): loss of income, profits, expected savings, business activity or reputation;

4.6.4 For unauthorized access of third parties to the information stored in the system.

4.7 None of the Parties shall bear responsibility for any failure, total or partial, to perform the duties under this Agreement, if such failure results from circumstances of force majeure. The party which faced the impossibility of duties performance must immediately notify the other party (in writing) of the occurrence, expected duration and termination of such circumstances. Non-notification or late notification deprives the Parties of the right to refer to any of the above circumstances as the reason for exemption from duties non-performance.

4.8 The administration is responsible to the User in the amount not exceeding the payment deposited to his account, including the change in the amount of payment at the relevant time. The Administration does not provide any additional compensation to Users.

4.9 The Administration hereby establishes the following terms for verification of the rendered tasks (sets the warranty period): 7 days – for remote tests and online assistance;

14 days for laboratory works, drawings, abstracts, reports, essays, answers for examination cards, cheat sheets, articles, presentations, translations from foreign languages, selections of relevant literature, information retrieval;

21 days for module tests, course papers, internship reports, solutions to problems, and for other tasks;

28 days – for graduate papers and business plans;

56 days for thesis paper.

The warranty period starts after the deadline expiration and after the Contractor sends the rendered task to the Customer for verification and confirmation. The Customer must examine the submitted tasks and, if necessary, return them for finalizing or apply to Arbitrage within the above-mentioned period. At the end of the warranty period, the task will be considered automatically accepted, and the money will be transferred to the Contractor. After the task finalizing, the Customer has another warranty period for making a decision. If the Customer submits an application to the Arbitrage, the warranty period will be extended until the decision is made.

4.10 In the case when the Customer confirms the order completion, the warranty claims for the work performed will not be further considered.

4.11 The Site Administration has the right return the Work (Assignment) to the Guarantee if the Contractor has a sufficient sum of money for that.

4.12 If a Customer accepts a Work before the end of the warranty period, the Administration has a right to decline request for refund.

4.13 The user can remove a StudentTerra account by sending a request email to our support service


5.1 Customer’s claims for a refund due to unsatisfactory quality of Assignment are to be resolved through mutual agreement between Customer and Contractor. If it is impossible to resolve a dispute through negotiations, StudentTerra has a right at its discretion to assess the quality of the Assignment and issue a full or a partial refund to the Customer, or decline the request for a refund. The deadline for consideration of a disputed situation should not exceed 7 business days.

5.2 In order to request a refund for an Assignment, the Customer must send a written complaint with a description of the problem using the form located on the order page for Assignment with ‘Order completed, until the end of the warranty’ status. Refund requests carried out through means other than the special form on StudentTerra’s order page are not eligible for a refund.

5.3 StudentTerra reserves a right to decline to provide Services for anyone suspected of misusing the Web Platform or participating in a fraud, and reserves a right to cancel any Assignment at its discretion under this User Agreement.

5.4 StudentTerra reserves a right to cancel Assignment with any status, including completed Assignments, if there is enough evidence that Assignment has been completed as a result of a fraudulent transaction. In such cases, all the funds acquired by users may be put on hold until requested by the genuine cardholder.

5.5 If StudentTerra issues a 100% refund for Assignment to Customer, StudentTerra also reimburses the Service fee.

5.6 StudentTerra issues a 100% refund to Customer in the following cases:

5.6.1 Contractor does not upload the final version of the Assignment before the deadline, while Customer does not accept the delayed Assignment. In cases when Customer accepts the delay by stating so in the conversation, by requesting a revision, or by admitting they have otherwise benefitted from Assignment, the Assignment is considered delayed, and may be subject to a partial refund.

5.6.2 Assignment is plagiarized or contains signs of usage of technical means to bypass similarity detection software, including, but not limited to usage of invisible characters and word spinning. An assignment is classified as plagiarized, if it is possible to clearly identify a source or multiple sources used by the Expert, and these sources have not been cited in accordance with the required format.

5.6.3 Assignment covers a topic that is completely different from the topic requested by the Customer.

5.6.4 Quality of Assignment is extremely poor, Assignment contains a high amount of errors, which makes that Assignment not revisable. StudentTerra determines whether the quality of the Assignment is high enough to be considered revisable.

5.6.5 Contractor uploads the final version of the Assignment that does not satisfy the initial instructions provided by Customer to a major extent.

5.6.6 Customer reconsidered his decision and decided not to use the Services and order the Assignment after depositing funds on his StudentTerra account.

5.7 StudentTerra may issue a partial refund, split in any percentage between the Customer and the Contractor if the Contractor did upload the Assignment to the Web Platform, but did not act upon making corrections in the accordance with Customer’s requirements. A partial refund may also be issued if the Contractor uploads a paper of satisfactory quality, fulfilling all the critical instructions, but if the paper contains minor errors and inconsistencies that can be properly corrected. StudentTerra reserves a right to decline a refund to the Customer if that Customer has not previously requested a revision for this Assignment. A partial refund may be issued to the Customer in other cases indicated in this Agreement.

If StudentTerra issues a partial refund for the Assignment to the Customer, the Service fee is not reimbursed.

5.8 In all cases described in this Section:

5.8.1 StudentTerra issues refunds to Customer’s account on the Web Platform excluding the provision 5.6.6

5.8.2 Customer should not apply for a chargeback instead of a refund.


6.1 StudentTerra provides paid Services. Users may discontinue their use of any Services at any time in accordance with this Agreement. The date and time of any cancelation of Services shall be the date and time at which a user stops using StudentTerra’s Services. Service Fee is not refundable in whole or in part as Services are considered already provided by StudentTerra to a user. In cases when the Customer did not make an order on StudentTerra, a Service fee is not applied.


7.1 Either Customer or Contractor may cancel Assignment as long as the status of Assignment is “Before the deadline”. After successful cancellation of the Assignment, the status of the Assignment changes to “The choice of contractor left”.

7.2 Cancellation of Assignment may be requested on the order page, by mutual agreement between Expert and Customer - the receiving party has a right to decline the request for the cancellation of the Assignment. The cancellation of the Assignment is available only if the receiving party confirms the request for the cancellation of the Assignment.

7.3 If the Contractor confirms the request for the cancellation of the Assignment, Customer is entitled to receive Price for Assignment and Service fee.

7.4 Cancellation may be requested only 3 (three) times, accounting for both requests for cancellation of Assignment filed by Contractor or Customer, combined.


8.1 Users on StudentTerra may transfer credit from their StudentTerra account to their personal account or debit/credit card, using only the payment methods provided on Web Platform. Such transfers are called Withdrawals. Users should not apply for chargeback in order to withdraw credit from their StudentTerra accounts to their personal account or debit/credit card. For purpose of withdrawal, only the methods provided by StudentTerra may be used.

8.2 Each payment institution disputing the chargeback initiated by a user, imposes a fee for the consideration of the chargeback. By becoming a user of StudentTerra you agree to contact us with the aim to resolve any problem you might have before requesting a chargeback from your bank or credit card provider at any time while or after using our services. A chargeback in breach of the foregoing obligation is a material breach of the Agreement and we reserve a right to debit the issued fee to the StudentTerra account of a user.

8.3 A user may withdraw funds using one of the payment methods provided by StudentTerra and pays a Service fee. The total amount of Service fee is communicated to the User on the withdrawal page, next to their chosen method for withdrawal, before the withdrawal request is submitted.

8.4 A user also pays a Service fee when depositing funds using one of the payment methods provided by StudentTerra. The total amount of service fee is communicated to the User on the payment page, next to their selected method for the deposit, before the deposit request is submitted.

8.5 Customer may deposit funds into its StudentTerra account for further use on Web Platform. In order to withdraw this credit, they may only use the methods provided by StudentTerra. In case of the situation described in the provision 5.6.6 Customer shall apply for the refund.


9.1 An exclusive right to all intellectual property posted on the Web Platform (including the text, logo, images, code, sounds and videos) belongs to StudentTerra.

9.2 Any Assignment completed and uploaded by the Contractor on the Web Platform is an object of intellectual property. StudentTerra shall not be entitled to use Assignment hosted by Contractor including the information and/or other materials for commercial purposes or to transfer it to third parties outside of the Web Platform.

9.3 Contractor and Customer undertake not to upload, not to publish, store, provide access to, or otherwise, distribute the information and/or materials that violate rights of any third party. StudentTerra does not take any responsibility for any violations of rights of third parties, caused by the publication by a User on the site of the Assignment or other materials that violate the rights of third parties.

9.4 Use of the Web Platform content is possible only within its framework functionality, proposed Assignments, or otherwise service the site. No elements of its services may be used without the prior consent of StudentTerra or the copyright holder.


Except where prohibited by law, Services and the Web Platform are provided “as-is” and “as available” and we expressly disclaim any warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, including the warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, quiet enjoyment, accuracy or non-infringement. We make no warranty that Services or the Web Platform (a) will meet your requirements; (b) will be available on an uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free basis; or (c) will be accurate, reliable, free of viruses or other harmful code, complete, legal, or safe. We further make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content that was uploaded to the StudentTerra by a User as well as the quality of any product, services, information, and other materials obtained by using the Web Platform’s Services.

Any information and/or materials (including downloadable, instructions, requirements and guidance, etc.), access to which Contractor and Customer have by using the Web Platform’s Services, Contractor and Customer can use at their own risk and of their own responsibility for the possible consequences of the use of such information and/or materials.


In no event shall StudentTerra, its officers, directors, employees, or agents be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages whatsoever arising from or related to either this Agreement or use of Services or the Web Platform. Our liability to you for any damages arising from or related to this Agreement, will at all times be limited to the greater of amount, as was deposited by Customer in the Web Platform’s account (if any). The existence of more than one claim will not enlarge this limit. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction.


12.1 StudentTerra has the right at any time without notification to Expert or to Customer to change the terms of this Agreement. The new wording of the Agreement shall be published on the Web Platform.

12.2 Contractor and Customer are responsible for any risk resulted from the new wording of the agreement; when Contractor or Customer continues to use the service after changes in the conditions of this Agreement is deemed with new wording. The new revised agreement shall enter into force from the date it was published on the Web Platform, as specified above.

12.3 In the case of disagreement with any changes, as amended by StudentTerra in the provisions of the present Agreement, Contractor or Customer are required to discontinue the use of the Web Platform.

12.4 In the event of disputes arising in connection with the execution of this Agreement, StudentTerra and Contractor or Customer agree to make all efforts for the settlement of such disputes through negotiations. If they cannot resolve their differences through negotiation, they are to be settled in accordance with the legislation of Riga.


13.1 Languages. This Agreement is in the English language, which prevails over any translations of the Agreement to other languages, made by us and provided to you for your convenience. User Agreement is designed in the English language and its translations into other languages may contain inaccuracies for which we shall not bear any responsibility; we suggest using the English version and resorting to versions in other languages only for references and at your own risk. You also agree to have all communications with us in English.

13.2 No Waiver. No failure or delay by a party to exercise any right or remedy provided under this Agreement or by law shall constitute a waiver of that (or any other) right or remedy, nor preclude or restrict its further exercise. No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall preclude or restrict the further exercise of that (or any other) right or remedy; and will not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or default under the same or any other provision of this Agreement.

13.3 Other Jurisdictions. We make no representations that Services or the Web Platform are appropriate or available for use in all locations. Those who access or use Services or the Web Platform from jurisdictions prohibiting such use, do so at their own volition and are responsible for compliance with local law.


We are always available to be reached by e-mail at

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