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Writing About Advertising

What is Advertisement

Advertisement is the announcement of a notice in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. Advertising is a method to attract people's attention. It is a necessary procedure for companies to make themselves known. Most of it can found in magazines, newspapers, buses, billboards, radio, newsletters, flyers, on the internet, and posters.

We may not notice this in our everyday life, but the world has survived a vast media revolution. The web is overflowing with the data, which is in amounts that are millions of times more than the information human knows a century before. Before the invention of the printing press, around 20% of the population around the world was literate. Now there is a dramatic change in the situation, today the essays discussing the influence of media and advertising on people are critical. We need to learn how to distinguish reliable and unreliable information sources.

When looking into the statistics and data for the essay on marketing and advertisement effects on society, you are required to look for the latest piece of work. It is appreciated if you present some real examples of how the advertisement influence people around you, which can include your mates and family. You are allowed to make a comparison between the media types, which are preferred by different groups of people. For example, grown-ups are more interested in the news than kids and teenagers. The talk shows and the press both affect the perception of the viewer because nowadays, it is much easier to confuse the accurate information with the false one. It is beyond imagination how much it can affect people's lives; media can make a person change his eating habits, change his social activities, and even make him behave violently.

Now coming towards writing the essay on advertisement influencing people, we should analyze the ways used to present the information.

These viewers target what the outcomes expected from the advertisements campaigns are. These advertisements are influencing the perception of beauty. Instead of looking at the personality, the ads have made people think that the skinny models and the beauty bloggers are the symbols of beauty. Sports have made the spokesperson of the fitness to influence the perception of the viewers. We all know that an actor or actress appearing in a TV ad changes our perspective about the product display, depending upon the actor. A movie star represents the symbol of action, and such ads influence us. So while writing the essay, you should research how many types of advertisements there are. Which type of advertisement is better for a specific product? Which ad is not suitable for society? Which publication is showing the negative side of the community and spreads negativity? Which type of advertisements is right for good build-up and mood refreshing? Before starting the essay, you should have the answers to these questions.

Scholars and professors of many prestigious universities around the world suggest that we should be more vigilant and more attentive to the content commercialized on the internet, boards, and the TV. You can question yourself about the features of the influencing sources. The similarities and differences in the sources will give you a keen perspective on your research area.

You can be attracted by the advertisement essay examples while searching the argument to support your paper. You should not use other people's ideas; you can try finding new tips and tricks in those examples but never plagiarize their work. It is to observe that these essay examples have very complex outlines. There are annotations, subsections, and also the expanded topic sentences. In what way can they be useful to you? You can look at the sentence structure to learn the art of professional writing. In most cases, this type of essay has a proper professional structure that you can use for your benefit.

Moreover, and good quality essay examples can be used to state the argumentative line for the topic of the media influencing public opinion. Some advertisements are in their literal meaning, while some ads use metaphoric terms.

There are two most successful paths of advertisement, i.e., television and magazines. It is mainly because the majority of the population prefers to pay attention to those types of technological communication.

  1. Television advertisements are made successful with celebrity appearances, a comedic twist, or getting straight to the point. They are always made successful with it.
  2. The companies chose a slogan for the character. e.g., the Halifax advert has Howard, a now-former worker for Halifax, singing famous, well-known songs having lyrics altered to suit rates and loan APR's. Churchhill Car Insurance has a Pug' back-window' nodding to questions asked referring to Car Insurance FAQ's and is famous because of saying "No... No, no, no, no, no!". Advertisements appeal by the use of color, sound, and action. There is a wide range of adverts through this method used by companies (e.g. BT Broadband – a wide array of its special effects).

Television adverts are more expensive and much more successful because of a vast audience. Television is also immensely more comfortable to access than magazines because, depending on what magazine you buy, companies can't advertise in every magazine. It strongly depends on the type of magazine.

Parts of an Advertisement Essay

As an essay comprises three parts, similarly advertisement essay also consists of three main components; introduction, the body part, and conclusion.


It is the first part or paragraph of an essay where the writer introduces the topic to guide the reader about the advertisement. First of all, while writing an essay on an advertisement, define the term and its background.

Body part:

The body is the main crux and most essential content of the essay, which sandwiched between the introduction and the conclusion. It supports the main points of the theme in the article. It is not to confine one paragraph; it can extend to two or more sections related to the contents. The writer has a lot of information to provide in the body part. Generally, the writer makes mistakes in writing the body, i.e., writes everything in a haphazard manner, which leads to confusion for the reader. So the writer needs to organize content and thoughts well. The writer should write the information in a systemic flow so that the reader can comprehend it. Each point should be described in specific details within one or more paragraphs.

In this part of an essay, a writer should describe important information about ads, all material gathered from different sources. Comprehensive knowledge, the types of advertisement, factors, effects of ad (positive and negative) should also be mentioned in a body part.


The conclusion is the last paragraph or part of the essay. It will just represent a mirror effect of the introductory paragraph, and it brings all main piece together under one heading, keep in mind that words and syntax should be different. A conclusion is also an essential and magnificent place, to sum up, or compile a story or argument.

Types of advertisement

There are two types of adverts: classified and commercial.

  1. A classified ad is a small advertisement written by an employee that you put in a newspaper or a magazine, usually, because you want services of a man (job), sell or buy something, rent any property, or for many other purposes.
    There are further seven types of classified advertisement: situation vacant, situation wanted, for sale, to let out, accommodation wanted, matrimonial, missing.
    • Situation vacant is the advertisement written by an employer to recruit employees for an organization.
    • Situation wanted is the advertisement written by the job seeker to avail of a job.
    • For sale is the advertisement written to sell property, assets, office, goods, etc.
    • To let out is the advertisement written by a person who wants to get tenants for the property.
    • Accommodation wanted is the advertisement written by a person looking for shelter, as the name of the ad indicates.
    • Matrimonial is an advertisement written for getting prospective marriage candidates.
    • Missing is the advertisement written for finding the missing object, person, pet with descriptive detail.
  2. Commercial or Display Advertisement is the ad for publicity and promotion of the product, services, or some events to perceive or demand the need for something. It offers a solution according to the consumer's needs, including the venue of eating, the address of visiting places and shopping areas.

An advertisement has different characteristics:

  • It assigns for commercial marketing.
  • It is more expensive in terms of advertising costs, and it takes more space.
  • It can be made visually more attractive by varying font style, shape, and size.
  • There are catchy slogans, punch lines with pictures or sketches which make the ad more attractive and exciting for the audience.
  • There are the name and the address of the company/ organizer/ institute etc. is mentioned.
  • It has a special offer or discount.
  • It can contain details of the product/ educational course/ event etc.

Advertisement in different platforms

Job advertisements in newspapers, private organizations, and government departments are highly recommended. They facilitate the agencies and offices to get a talented, trained workforce from the audience. They support educated people to gain employment and jobs in different fields. The labor force also gets benefits from ads as they get work in the government offices, production centers, market places through the advertisements in the newspaper.

The private education sector is mostly dependent on the advertisement and publicity for attracting more students to their educational institutes.

The giant posters, billboards, and newspapers are the source of publishing ads of different schools and colleges with all information provided about courses and studies.

Analysis of an advertisement

Everyone has a different opinion about the advertisement. It can help to know about new products, provide more information about the latest product and its features for the audience. Costumers choose things which are convenient for them by comparing different things. A good advertisement leads to the promotion and success of the company, while a bad one leads to loss or failure.

In a competitive society, advertisements are necessary for an organization—factories, mass-production, shops, and goods for sale. The ads for these goods have the purpose of attracting a wide range of customers to buy your products.

Companies introduce new products in the market through advertisements to the general audience for the benefits of business; e.g., the audience knows about some readily new medicines for diseases. Another example is practical techniques of constructing new houses through the contract, and an organization has specialized knowledge, new methods of teaching available in markets, unique and useful equipment like fertilizers for agriculture that can produce agriculture rapidly, and so on. The government announced its polices and schemes to inform the audience and to make the public participate in them.

Factors of advertisement

There are five critical factors that determine the purpose of an ad in terms of marketers' communication with consumers. Here are listed five factors; informing, influencing and adding value, reminding, assisting other company efforts, and increasing salience.

Positive and negative effects of advertisement

Everything has positive and negative effects. Positive impacts of the ad include benefits of economics, benefits of social, public health, comparative advertising entertainment, investment of capital, the image of company mass communications, appeals in universities. Adverse effects of the ad include misrepresentation, false perceptions of production, unrealistic expectations from a company, promotion of harmful products, political influence, corrupting the youth, environmental threats.

Importance of advertisement 

Advertisements play a vital role in our lives. They are essential for starting a new business in the market for promoting its product. To sell is the main motive of a massive enterprise world widely. Ads rule every aspect of our lives and provide an essential link between an individual and the world passively.

Advertising is a non-personal communication (paid form) to promote goods and services of companies.

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