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How to write speech introduction

An introduction may take less than 15 minutes of the entire speech. Yet, it is essential to know how to write a speech introduction because it is the foundation of the information that proceeds, and it remains the initial words that get the attention of the audience.

For the attention of the audience to be quickly and easily captured, there is a need for proper identification of the topic and a preview of the major points.

An introduction gives a foreknowledge of the message about information to be presented. It also prepares the mind of the audience for the message about to be passed across. It can also be referred to as attention grabber.

 An introduction may include visual materials, short audio, stories, humor, quotations, or some other devices. It is advisable to write the speech introduction last so that it can be easier to come up with the points that will be the focus.

There are different forms of speeches that are presented on different platforms. They include:

Persuasive Speech

This type of speech is designed to encourage people to act in a particular manner. It is given to re-orientate certain beliefs in people.

One of the ways to address a persuasive speech is to start up with an argument that will prepare the heart of the listeners. It leaves the audience to brainstorm before the main body of the speech. This will make the audience active throughout and also contribute to their opinion.

Informative Speech

An informative speech is written to provide certain information in a clearly so that the audience will understand. It completely explains the subject matter. Examples include describing the stage to stage development of human life, demonstrating how to prepare a particular meal, or describing how to use a particular gadget.

Dealing with this type of speech, the use of visual aids will help to pass the information faster and sticks better in the heart of the listeners.

Speech for a special occasion

This type of speech is determined by the occasion. It may be persuasive or informative. It may also involve both. There are two common ones, which are a welcome speech and an introduction speech. The speech introduction of this type of speech is usually brief, providing the details of the speaker's credibility.

A welcome speech acknowledges the presence of a person or a group of persons and expresses gratitude for their presence. The details of the persons to be welcomed need to be noted beforehand.

Here is the step by step on how to write a speech introduction.

Introduce Yourself

In writing the introduction of a speech, it is advisable to give a brief account of oneself to prove that the person is a suitable or the right candidate to make the presentation that is about to be done. This helps to build confidence in the audience and make them listen to whatever is to be said as they rest assured that the speaker did not just pick the materials because of the eloquence of speech but because knowledge resides in such a person.

Write the body of the speech first

As earlier stated, it is advisable to deal with the body of the speech first because it helps the presenter to come up with a detailed and relevant introduction that goes in line with the body of the speech. This means that it will be difficult to leave out all major points that are relevant to the purpose of the speech.

Captivating Vocabulary

The initial seconds spent on a speech will determine the response of the audience throughout the time that will be spent on the speech making. The audience can easily choose to be either attentive or tuned out; it all depends on the tone of words employed.

For the attention of the audience to be captured all through the period of speech delivery, the following approaches are suggested to be used;

  • Starting with a short story, audio, or video
  •  A controversial statement
  • Visual materials
  • Startling statistic
  • Historical or current events

However, ensure that the introduction is relevant to the message so that it can be referred to at the end of the speech.

Incorporating the focus

Speeches have specific purposes, such as the delivery of information to an audience or for some other purposes. Give a summary of the focus of the speech. It is helpful for an audience to have a brief knowledge of what the body of the speech contains, as this helps capture their minds because they will be looking forward to knowing the opinion.

Summary of the thesis

A member of the audience can't listen over again what has been said in case such a person missed out something. It is, therefore important to present the listeners with several opportunities to listen and understand the main points. Let the audience be aware of the main points by previewing them and also provide a framework for sub-topics of the message. Employ strategies that will help to carry them along throughout the presentation.

Create its relevance

Making known the relevance of the introduction to the body of the message is of utmost importance and so must be done with great caution. Every joke cracked or a story told will only make sense if it is relevant to the message about to be heard. Therefore, avoid getting the audience distracted with irrelevant stories or jokes. Don’t begin with a list of thank-you. Instead, go ahead with the attention grabber, then you can wrap up with only necessary acknowledgments.

Write a word for word

Writing an introduction word for word will help to discover any major point that must have been left out. The best attention grabber that is suitable for the message, audience, and venue can be seen when the introduction is written word for word. It also builds confidence in the mind of the presenter.


The introduction part of the speech is essential and determines the total success of a speech presentation. Therefore, take time to properly go through the guidelines of how to write a speech introduction.

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