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How to write motivational speech

Writing a motivational speech can be a robust process, most especially if you aren't a professional in this sector. But with practice, you can enhance your skills and become a veteran in this sector. Writing speeches is tricky. You want to impress and also pass the message across. Nobody wants to hear boring or speeches that suck. The primary purpose of a motivational speech is to inspire the audience to take action. You should consider facts and thought-provoking elements during your address.

You have to evoke your audience's thoughts as human beings make them think of their comfort zone. At the same time, you don't want to make them uncomfortable. With your words, you need to convince someone to increase their efforts whatever they are doing, or not to give up in whatever they want. You have to show them that the sky is no limit and they can be anything they want in this world. To give a motivational speech, you have to be passionate about the subject. Whether its leadership, self-confidence, or being successful hacks.

To be perfect in this sector, you should attend several events that feature a motivational speaker. The purpose here is to get exposed to the style of their speeches. Look at how the speakers convey their messages. Remember, you are not here to copy their style. You need to look for specific concepts like; how they maintain their flow, timing, their sense of humor. When you have an idea of everything surrounding a motivational speech, you can then structure your speech correctly.

Outlining a Motivational Speech

Just like other types of speeches, motivational speeches are not different. You need to have the introduction, body, and conclusion. A speech outline guides you on how to structure your speech. It acts as a sense of direction, showing which turns to take when delivering your speech. It helps you organize information.


Your introduction needs to be captivating; you have to grab the attention of your audience. You need to start with the attention-grabbing sentence, which is always to greet your listeners. Tell them why you are presenting the speech. Give them the reason to be all ears throughout your speech. You need to include the thesis statement in the introduction.


The body is the main area and carries the main message of your motivational speech. It consists of several paragraphs, each incorporating one major point. You need to have supporting points to support each argument. Don't claim without producing evidence to support your claims. Try making this section as attractive as possible. Include jokes, metaphors, and analogies.


The conclusion summarizes all the main points that you've presented in the speech. State the reasons for your thesis statement and finish with remarkable words. It’s where you give your final remarks or your call to action.

Benefits of having a motivational Speech Outline

You might wonder if having a speech outline is necessary. But the truth of the matter is it's essential if you want to have an easy time writing a motivational speech. The following are some of the benefits of outlines:

Prevent Anxiety

Standing in front of an audience is not easy. It becomes tougher if you don't know what to present or say next. An outline helps you overcome anxiety as you have everything arranged and clear points to offer.

Gives an Overview of Your Speech

An outline ensures you have all your points at your fingertips. It's easy to know which points you've missed, and you can easily add any essential points. 

Connect Your Ideas

An outline helps you organize your thoughts and ideas. You can easily connect your ideas from one sentence to the next. You can decide to arrange the points from more important to less important aspects.

Steps in Writing a Motivational Speech

 To come up with an impressive speech, you need to follow certain aspects. You need to make sure that your speech stands out from the rest. You have to follow some aspects of a perfect motivational speech.

Have a Clear Purpose

You have to be clear with your message when writing a motivational speech. You need to show the direction your content is going clearly. State your stand and your beliefs concerning the subject. Ensure that your topic is informative enough.

Have a Theme

When creating your article, you need to make sure that the main point stands out. Define the purpose of your speech and what areas you intend to cover. You should have a focus point. When you include other arguments, ensure that you don't divert from the original position. What message do you want to pass? What do you expect your audience to gain from your speech? Having a theme enables you to focus on the purpose of your speech.

Structure You Speech Well

The way you structure your speech matters. The way you present information and ideas will determine which direction your speech will take. You need to have the introduction, body, and conclusion. When you divide your speech into milestones, then writing a motivational speech becomes an easier task. At least you have an idea showing you where you are heading with the message.

Understand Your Audience

You have to conduct proper research before sitting down to come with your motivational speech. You will then tailor the message specifically to your listeners. You should research the following facts: their age bracket, interests, demographic area, and their gender. When you get to understand your audience, every sentence, every word you present should specifically address them one by one. You can give examples basing on those facts. Your message should speak confidence.

Write the Way You Talk

When writing a motivational speech, you have to remember you are not speaking to engines or robots but human beings. Simplicity is vital here. Your message needs to be less complicated. Avoid using jargon, any complex vocabulary, and keep everything straight to the point. Before using a sentence or word, ask yourself if you will use it in a normal conversation. If not, then avoid it at all costs. Your messages need to be memorable and reliable; you can achieve this only through ultimate simplicity.

Use Story Telling Techniques

There always something about storytelling that captures the attention of people. Stories usually have the x-factor. They can easily retrieve the minds of your audience, who could have shifted their focus. It's easier to bring a point home using a story. The best part about them is that they are always memorable. You can decide to use the storytelling aspect throughout your speech or at specific areas; for instance, to clarify or explain your points. It's a matter of your choice.

Hence, what angle should your story take?

Telling a story about you is an excellent angle. If you are talking about leadership, you can talk about how many leadership positions you've held, the challenges you encountered, and how you managed to maneuver. When speaking about success, talk about your failures, the efforts you put, and how you've reached your current position.

Showing your audience, you've passed through a particular experience tells them you are an expert in the field. Hence they will trust you and your message more. Stories help you connect with your audience emotionally.

Incorporate Sense of Humor

It doesn't matter how serious your speech is. Incorporating humor eases the tension and enlightens the mood in the room. It will make your audience connect with you more. Those people would keep on nodding their heads in agreement with you, and laugh their hearts out from your dry jokes.

Use Quotes in Your Speech

Yes, they could be your own made-up quotes or quotes from renowned authors, poets, or writers. Don't ever forget to mention the owner of the words. You need to cite the sources of your quotes. You should always give credit to the quote owner.

End With a Strong Conclusion

Just like the introduction, the conclusion needs to be interesting and provocative too. End in a way that will force your audience to engage. Your audience should have something to carry home. Let them talk amongst themselves, not because they didn't get your message, but because they couldn't ignore the impact of your message. You can ask an open-ended question to achieve this.

Rewrite Your Speech Several Times

When you want to achieve a level of perfection, you have to craft several motivational speeches to come up with an excellent speech. When you rewrite your motivational speech, you get the chance to add points that you notice are important, and to delete points which might not benefit your audience.

Practice Your Speech

It's not just a matter of writing, but practicing how to present your speech. You not only need to familiarize yourself with the speech in your head, but you also need to do it by heart. When you achieve this, you will attain one crucial thing you need when delivering your speech, which is eye contact. You won't keep on referring to your paper or projector. You will have your points at the back of your hands. You will also connect with the audience more as you will be able to read the emotions on their faces.

Your Speech Needs To Be Evocative

Motivation speech should spur actions. That's the sole purpose of such an address. When your audience leaves the speech room, they should feel motivated and re-energized with the message. The message needs to powerful. Hence, next time when writing motivation, you should consider this aspect.

Write Your Motivational Speech a Poem

You shouldn't write a motivational speech in prose or essay form. Instead, it needs to be like a poem. It should be lyrical if necessary to pass the message you intend. Your final piece needs to be amazing, and one specific way to achieve this is when your speech is in a poetic form.

How to Ensure that your Speech Has a Motivating Tone

In writing a motivational speech, you need to have a convincing tone and a motivating tone. Here are some of the things you can incorporate to achieve this:

State Your Intention

You need to ensure that your aim is clear. Ensure your audience what you want them to do through your words.

State the Benefits of the New Behavior

The primary intention of a motivational speech is usually to make your audience adopt a specific positive practice. Hence, you need to offer the benefits of changing or improve their behavior. Give them a purpose. Give your audience a why and argue yourself well. But you need not contradict yourself in the process.

Use Words to Form Pictures in your Audience Mind

You can use descriptive words to form images in the mind of your audience. Create pictures of before and after the scenario. Let them enter deep into their thoughts and later jump into actions.

The purpose of a motivational speech

Motivational speech enables your audience to see the world with an inner eye. Most people can see several things they are missing if only they change their actions, or look at the world from a different angle. The best motivational speech enables the audience to:

  • Remember - the audience takes their thoughts back in time. They reconnect back to their inner self and their highest purpose as human beings. They look at the things which they have been doing wrong, and what aspect of their lives they need to change.
  • Rethink - with thought evoking content, your audience would certainly look at life differently. They would examine their capabilities.
  • Respond - your motivation should compel your audience to take action. Of course, using compelling stories would enable you to accomplish this.

Writing a motivational speech can be tough, especially when you are a rookie in this field. It requires you a lot of patience and practice to reach the level of perfection. But the best part is that: you can do it. Nothing should limit you as a human. Are you planning to write and deliver a motivational speech? Follow the above procedures and tips to create an excellent motivational speech.

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