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How to write economics papers

Economics is an area of discipline in which students of diverse majors opt-in for to have a better understanding of how things work This discipline is related to calculations and mathematics. It remains in the realm of human discipline that is focused on the concept of a global approach towards changing the level of wealth.

For you to carry out a successful work, you must be a bit of a mathematician, historian, sociologist, and philosopher at the same time.

Research papers are the main outcomes of the surveys and operations carried out by a researcher. The main focus of these working papers is to make available the work carried out by an author to other researchers.

In presenting your Economics paper, it's important to establish new ideas relating to the different areas of Economics. It is essential to know that the uniqueness of Economics papers is that it's expected to prove your expertise in the economic theory.

There are different types of economics papers; we have empirical paper, literature surveys, case notes, theoretical papers, and issue papers.

Empirical papers

This is an avenue for acquiring knowledge through direct or indirect experience or observation. This evidence can be analyzed either qualitatively or quantitatively. Data is run through a series of mathematical equations.

Characteristics to watch out for include:

  • Specific research questions that should be answered.
  • Description of the process adopted in studying the population. This includes testing instruments, selection criteria, and controls.
  • Definition of the behavior, population or phenomena that is under study.

The IMRaD format is also used in communicating empirical research. These components include:

  • The introduction also referred to as a literature review;
  • The methodology is known as the research design, which describes the population, analytical tools, and research process;
  • Results which deal with the knowledge acquired via the study;
  • The discussion covers the implications, importance of the study, and future influence of the study.

Case notes

A case note shows a short analysis of a case, examining and identifying the main elements of a decision, placing the case in a social and legal context, and also setting out the questions of law that were raised in the case.

In writing a case note, you can start by setting out important facts for a better understanding of the case, questions of the law earlier discussed in the case. Also, how the decision was reached by judges should be explained and the future effect of the judgment.

Issues paper

The issue paper is a short essay(less than ten pages) that is written about a certain topic. It includes an introduction, a story, and a conclusion.

Essential tips to writing an issue paper include:

  • Get familiar with the issue in question.
  • Seek direction from your teacher.
  • Go through the approved literature.
  • Have a short outline that is written down for your issue paper.
  • Draw up a thesis of your issue paper.
  • Back up your thesis.
  • Conclude and attach your bibliography.

Theoretical papers

Theoretical papers involve explaining the behavior of a cyber system, its environment, and exploring the implications of its definition. A theoretical paper must express an understanding of the idea and theories relating to the topic of the research paper.

This research is very useful in understanding the edge cases, bounds and the behaviors of a system.

Literature survey

This has to do with getting content relating to a given project from a book.

It is a representation of the study past existing material relating to the topic of the report and it takes this order;

  • Past theories of the topic which are universally accepted.
  • Generic and specific books written on the topic.
  • Research carried out in the field in the order of from the oldest to the most recent.
  • The present challenge faced in the ongoing work.

A literature survey is structured in a way to logically represent the evolution of the ideas in that field. Its length is determined by its purpose, which could be for publication, project report, or college assignment.

Structure of Economics paper

An economist makes use of the earlier paragraphs to set up the guiding research questions, the model, and the data that was used. Although this format may be dry, it ensures that both the writer and reader achieve a solid grip on the structure and subject of work that will follow.

The instructions of this structure are perfect for both Economics Research paper and digital format. Whether you are engaging in a comprehensive topic or a narrow one, having this guide can help you to learn how to properly write an economics paper.


This is the first aspect of your work that involves having a self-explanatory introduction or abstract, which is essentially important when you want to write an economics paper.

Under this header, you should outline your objectives on the subject you are writing about, the challenge of the survey. Also, your contributions relating it to the present reality should be explained to the readers as this will make them more inspired and willing to go ahead with your Economics paper.

It also shows the relevance of your work because it takes care of the present happenings. In your thesis, that will appear at the end of your heading convince the audience with the results of your job before going into details.

Your introduction should include a summary of your work for the benefit of those who may not be willing to go through all of it. Ensure it includes the definition of your chosen topic, the secret behind its relevance, the idea you intend to prove, and also the research methodology you will be making use of.


It should be detailed and brief. The name and contacts of the author should be included. Other information aside contacts such as education, degree, etc. should also be included.

Literature review

Economics is a discipline that includes theoretical and mathematical calculations, so you have to include the materials upon which your ideas were based on. All of these, including the mathematical calculations, should be in this section.

This requires a lot more when compared to the other aspect of the research paper. The initial economic theory, upon which your research is based, should be included and also ensure that the literature on the topic is extensive, while the relevance of your research is still maintained.

Your literature review should not only include a reference to the works of others but must show the significance of their scope and how it applies to your assignment. Also, choose sources that clearly explain your topic from different aspects, which help to avoid biases.

Under this section, pile up and give a brief overview of the different works of writers and scientists. You can use a table or diagram to represent the key points of their research.

Data overview

Under this section, you will have to express the calculations and build up your argument, although depending on the topic in view because some topics may not require describing anything in figures. You will also have to mention step by step efforts made towards your research.

This aspect does not require you to interpret the results obtained. Just present the source guiding your decision and what you eventually gathered.

Make use of simple words but be detailed as much as possible.

In a situation where you still require additional information, just skip the evaluation and concentrate on your analysis.

You will need to outline the data that you have employed, indicating the period it was derived from, its weaknesses and strengths, and its sources.


In this aspect, the data gathered from the research is interpreted in the human language.

Select out all your findings in the research section and evaluate them. Concerning your research, clearly explain what they mean and point out any statistical regularity from your findings

The interpretation of the information from the result segment is in the paragraph. You will have to explain what you have discovered.

Also, you will have to explain the purpose of every step in the calculation section and explain its effects on the problem in your topic.

More so, you have to keep your objective in mind, and all your findings must be clearly explained.

Importance of an outline 

An outline is an activity that helps to guide you on your path of research, reasoning, and writing. Although it is not going to be a part of your final submission, it helps you to avoid the inconsistency and gibberish in the major set up of your paper and brings value to it.

In an outline, you will write down the principal concept of the introduction, the topic sentences of every paragraph, the sources that will be adopted in them, and the conclusion you intend to arrive at. With the aid of an outline, it is easy to figure out what is missing or in excess. It will also help you to know if there is enough support for each argument.


The table is a perfect way to orderly include all your outcomes. The productivity of your work is dependent on the quantity and quality of your work.


This part is the shortest. You do not have to repeat everything just concisely organize your significant points. It is the last step of your research journey, and its purpose is for you to arrive at a judgmental position where you justify your introduction and give reasons.

This aspect can also be referred to as one that summarizes the interpretation and analysis of results that provide a solution to the questions initially indicated in the research proposal.

Further, this section covers the summary of work done and how you have been helped by the theoretical part. Try to recall all your main arguments in case you have written them in the form of an essay and also explain if they worked.

In conclusion, the speculation on further research is an aspect that students tend to forget. It is not likely that your topic was covered by your assigned work, but it acts as a contributor to better understanding.

Hence, take note of the aspect that remains understudied or unstudied to complete your argument.

Bibliography and format

All the information provided in your research paper should be systematically organized following a specific academic style, which may be MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard format, depending on the requirements of the institution or those of your professor.

Your title page, bibliography, and page numbers must be computed accordingly. More so, all the sources used should be listed following alphabetical order.

This aspect of your work has little to do with the main research. However, it is expedient for your submission; hence you require some time to ensure everything is rightly placed.

Writing a comprehensive paper that combines applied mathematics and conceptual theory is a regular aspect of the academic life of an undergraduate economist.

Depending on the relevance of the major in your discipline, if the work is broken down, it will not be as challenging as it seems.

Here are some helpful and interesting economics research topics:

  • Taxes versus standards
  • Private and public choice
  • Consumer behavior
  • Demand and supply equilibrium
  • Elasticity of demand
  • Labor market
  • Wage determination
  • Trade sanctions and embargo
  • Justice and economics
  • Profit maximization
  • Gender influence on the economy
  • Sports and subsequent earnings
  • Real estate economics
  • Economic analysis per household
  • Effects of immigration to the economy
  • The effect of foreign investments on the USA economy
  • Effects of gambling on the economy
  • Effects of unemployment on the economy
  • Factors that encourage unemployment
  • Asset pricing
  • Make versus buy
  • Economics and corporate social responsibilities.
  • Culture influence and economics
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