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What is a Leadership Essay?

An essay is a short piece of writing on a specific subject, which indicates the availability of the best knowledge related to the topic and ability of a writer to prove his idea successful to claim and convince the readers with different supportive material in evidence related to the essay topic.

A Leadership essay is an essay in which we describe the idea of a vision of leadership that can inspire, respect, motivate others. It can be done by writing on the biography of a successful leader and his qualities, which make this person capable of leading.

Before beginning a leadership essay, it is essential to take on detailed research based on the evidence supporting the chosen topic to build up the logical structure of your essay. First of all, state the meaning of the terms "leader" and leadership," and their role played in society's life. Then think how this is related to the work. The key point to accomplish excellent results is to choose a leader who you believe in and describe the impressive trials that help the reader to change the mind of the reader.

To start the essay, keep in mind that the easy should comprise three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.

First of all, in the introduction, remember to mention the thesis statement in a very described and previse manner by choosing specific words to explain the whole topic in just a few words. The thesis statement should have one or two sentences. To do this, get together all the work done in different researches according to the topic. The writer has to demonstrate knowledge, extensive research work, in this way, he or she reveals the ability to explore and prove the idea with quality evidence.

Leadership Essay: A decent topic to choose

The qualities of excellent leadership essays depend on selecting the person of the story. For example, if you take the president's account. Focus on different questions; How does he manage his position and lead the team? Describe the leadership in various platforms, for example, in political, business, or the criminal world.

To make the leadership essay more interesting, you can compare different styles of leadership, like democratic and authoritarian. The most important thing is to mention in the leadership essay about the selected leader is to describe his/her biography, lifestyle. 

Put the Question and find the answer

Write different questions and answer them in the essay. For example; What is leadership? Define it in your own words and try to reflect leadership character on the traits. What is the quality which gives him or her the power to motivate and influence the public towards the specific goal, especially to achieve it? To get comprehension about your topic, answer these questions in your essay. You can take help from reputable sources, in-dept research by using the local and electronic libraries.

Qualities of leadership are effective management, intelligence, self-confidence, integrity, judgment-free mind, ability to lead the group, influence, and inspire people.

Elaborate Outline 

An excellent academic piece, like a leadership essay, requires a good plan and suggestions. Create a list of lines of thinking and crucial statement according to the essay outlines.

Start with a hook

The leadership essay begins with an introduction, similar to the academic assignments. In a leadership essay, you make the reader aware of your topic similarly as in summary and describe the reason why you have chosen this topic. In the introduction, use grab-attention hook to inflame the interest to your work by utilizing personal leader experiences as personal experience is always exciting to read and reflect a positive attitude.

Start with the concept of leadership

Explain your interpretation of a subject. For understanding, it would be useful to create reflection on those questions:

  1. What do you think about communication skills? 
  2. Is it necessary to have excellent communication skills for leaders? 
  3. Do you think ambitious and risk-taking abilities are essential for top managers?
  4. In management experience, does hierarchy give more opportunity for leaders?

In this way, you have to create interest for the reader by answering what makes a leader.

The body

It is the central part of the essay to express all thoughts and suggestions in detail. Write fresh ideas in different paragraphs and unite them with global design. Write each sentence according to the thesis statement; don't forget to make your essay body comprehensible and arrange them smoothly.

The conclusion

It is the last part of the essay, which is the last chance to impress the audience with your essay, so pay attention to the conclusion. In this paragraph, you have to summarize all the ideas presented in the body section. Mostly this section compiles all ideas to reinforce the thesis statement. In this section, do not put new ideas as it will inflame further questions among the reader so, a weak conclusion can lead your essay towards the failure and the unsatisfied reader.

The conclusion should contain the following points:

  • It should provide a short overview of the essay content. If you were talking about the importance of time management for a leader, review critical ideas, and state why managing time matters.
  • Never repeat the same words - change it as much as possible without losing the general sense.
  • Don't present any new information in the conclusion. All of the terms must define in the intro or the body paragraphs.

A reasonable conclusion should be neither too long nor too short: between 5-7 sentences. It's best to finish with a helpful outline than to bore your reader with long talks.

Components of a Leadership essay

Leadership essay is not as complex to write as it seems. You need to define the leader and make the reader understand who a leader is? A leader is a person who has the power to motivate, influence to achieve their set goals. 

A leader essay should comprise the following essential subtopics:

  1. Define leadership and personality traits that exemplify a leader. 
  2. Different styles of leadership.
  3. Make a look at the people you consider to be a leader in your life. 
  4. Write about the life of the leader in society. 

In the leadership essay, the writer should explain the nature of leadership. The following points describe the kind of leadership:

  1. Personal traits affect the direction. Everyone cannot be a leader. It happens sometimes best-known managers can be ineffective leaders, and poor managers can be outstanding leaders. Managers and leaders both are different terms. Managers are different from leaders. One can be a good leader if he or she has characteristics like popularity, confidence, interpersonal skills, and intelligence.
  2. Situational: Leadership style varies with the situation. A person having the same traits may adopt the autocratic style of leadership in one case and democratic form in another condition. In determining the leader style, the situation plays an important role.
  3. Leadership vs Management: Leadership is different from management. Management assumes a hierarchical relationship amongst individuals, followers, and leaders that is related to each other through the formal chain of command.
  4. Leadership is a function: Leadership is a function of a leader, follower. Leaders, team members, and situations characterize the administration prevails in the organization.
  5. Role model: The leader should be ideal for the followers, and he or she should set an example for them so that followers work voluntarily. They are role models for their believers. Subordinates will be loyal only when the leader is supportive.
  6. Managers are also followers: Leaders also head above to whom they report and work under them. Leaders want subordination from followers. They have to show subjection to their heads.
  7. Pervasive function: Leadership is not only related to business organizations; a person who exercises leadership influences the behavior of others. Leadership is required at home, educational institutions, charitable organizations, military organizations, hospitals.
  8. Leaders should have followers: A person is a leader when having followers. If someone influences people, then that person can be named as a leader.
  9. Leadership and power: A leader has the potential to influence the behavior of others through force, and that power can be drive from various sources.
    • Legitimate authority: In the organizational hierarchy, it is the power because of the position. Employees are under their superiors, and they believe that superiors can issue their direction.
    • Reward power: Reward power is the power to give rewards for positive contribution to organizational goals in the form of increment, bonus, and promotion, etc.
    • Coercive control: It is the power to punish the follower for the dreaded tasks. It is up to the leader to choose the method of punishment.
    • Expert power: Leaders enjoy their influence with their expertise and skills. For example, A tax expert can solve tax-related matters of workers, superiors, and subordinates.
    • Information power: It is the power to have access to organizational information. More the information anyone has about organization structure, the more one has an informational power.
    • Referent power: Leaders enjoy the dominion, which they have because of their skills and traits. People like to associate themselves with them as they follow leaders. They react as same as the leader behaves, and they respond favorably act according to the leader.
    • Connection power: Leaders influence people and enjoy this power. Followers follow a leader and contact with people of high social and economic status to elicit favor out of such a person.
  10. Leadership aims at goal achievement: Leaders are dynamic people who set high standards of performance. They help followers in achieving the target. Leaders guide members towards the accomplishment of a group.

In this essay writer should discuss the essential qualities required for becoming an effective leader. There are common misconceptions about this role.

Essay structure and key points to cover

Leadership essay can be an expository style and structured to include different subtopics:

  1. Discussion of major leadership theories
  2. Personality traits defining great leaders
  3. Leadership style and how they work 
  4. Leadership principles and core values
  5. Examples of leaders in different spheres of society
  6. Leadership skills in your mind 

It is essential to demonstrate the leadership concept and impressive illustrative examples of real-life or history. It is best to do while reviewing various qualities of leadership.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

When we look at the history in-depth, we observe the many qualities of leadership adopted by a good or bad leader. In a leader essay, the writer should focus on the characteristics and strengths of a leader. In a leadership essay, the writer should highlight the emotional and behavioral aspects of a well-known leader to guide the reader to achieve his goals.

  1. Vision- Leaders have exciting ideas, excellent strategic planning, which are forward-looking.
  2. Communication- Ideas for communication are clear and concise to make sure the teamwork for the same goal.
  3. Integrity- Successful leaders are honest and always tell the truth in any situation. 
  4. Confidence- Good leaders never afraid to take risks to achieve their goals and never give up.
  5. Competence- Self confidences are only valuable when coupled with expertise.
  6. Responsiveness- The well-known leaders give values to their team, listen to members of the team, and have the ability to change their behavior according to the situation.
  7. Determination- Leaders can motivate people by showing their passion and demonstrating their commitment.
  8. Empathy- It is the most important quality to build a successful team and create strong bonds of trust.


Tips on writing an effective essay

  1. Search the relevant research resources on the internet for a better understanding of the concept according to the topic. Read the paper clearly, highlight the exciting ideas, and note them down.
  2. To write about the brainstorm ideas, you have to create a detailed outline in a logical order, organize information, and formulate the thesis statement.
  3. The essay should start with an introduction, writing a draft. Engage the readers with a hook as a provocative question, stunning facts, and convincing statements.
  4. Devote separate body paragraphs to specific points supporting the topic. Begin the section with a topic sentence, presenting key points, and provide additional evidence with examples. Encode the appropriate citation of references.
  5. Write a convincing conclusion to compile critical points in the essay.
  6. To make improvements in content, revise the first draft, extract the logic for supporting the ideas.
  7. Proofread the final version. Try to fix minor errors, check the formatting of the essay and create a reference list.
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