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What is a 500 words essay

As the name suggests, a 500-word essay is a descriptive essay given on any topic at a time. It’s a short and concise way to express the features of a product or its merits or demerits. 

In today’s fast times, it is the absolute need of the hour to make things compact and elegant. In every aspect of our life, it is pretty self-evident, that we select those things which are easy to digest, to speak metaphorically, and those things that are carrying more value than others while also being effective and pinpoint accurate. That is why 500-word essays are in vogue these days. They are like the fast food of the writing world which means that they give more in a lot of less time and effort. They are palatable for the reader, and they help the reader to get a general idea of a given topic as well.

An account on essay writing:

Essay writing in itself is a very healthy activity that pays back in loads to the writer itself. It frees up your tensed brain, allows the pent-up ideas and expressions to flow more easily and smoothly, and it saves what you think as a physical manifestation of your viewpoints. Essay writing allows a writer to express their heart on pieces of parchments and papers. The mixing of ink and emotions with a little garnishing of facts on top has given us countless hours of reading materials that have defined generations through their sheer descriptive powers and the ability to relate to the human mind and soul. Ever since the invention of paper and pen, people have written many accords on countless topics, and each has had its fair share of a reading base. Whether it be the mundane topics of the human heart, the essential knowledge of the weather, or the difficult to understand knowledge of the cosmic universe around us, the books and the writings upon them, hold the history of the human evolution, told first hand, by the humans themselves. It is like a window to the human past, a dynamic description of the present and a vivid outlook of the future. Whichever one it may be, writing essays and other descriptive accounts is like a lifeline to us humans. It is essentially a very core trait that has shaped us into who we are and what is going to be. The essay writing gives us an insight into the writer’s mind. The more essays are written on a particular topic, the clearer and upfront those specific topics become for us. The books written on various subjects are mostly a compilation of experiences, thoughts and fact findings based on that subject. It allows a person to share what he has found through practical knowledge, with people all over the world. It saves us time and will enable us to explore more avenues towards the categorization of the entire sun of human knowledge.

Moreover, the essays or descriptive pieces allow a layman to become a leader as well. It transcends the human mind’s capability and enhances our behavior towards life and its mysteries. In a general and very complete way, we can say that essay writing is the source of human development and progress.

Essay writing and the advent of the internet:

Essay writing found a great platform in the form of the internet, to contribute towards a better future for humans. Nowadays, the internet is the next step in human evolution. It is like a giant hive that has brought closer the unlikeliest of people and places on one platform. Whatever guidance one may need on any topic whatsoever, the internet almost always has an answer. However, the thing to notice in this regard is that these answers have been given and documented by people, for the people. The transference of information from one person, party or organization finds various expressions, but the most common one is that of essay writing or descriptive writing. People from every nook and cranny of this round globe, have contributed in one way or another to provide the internet with their knowledge so that people from all over the world can gain an advantage in the issues that they may be facing. The power of words, carried by the lightning-fast stead of the internet has defined a new and dynamic global culture, that has brought together our world upon a platform, progressing steadily towards a better new future. However, to limit essay writing to the mere topics of science and practical knowledge is not fair as well. Short essays on philosophy, short writings of seasons and woes faced by the people, of human emotions, has allowed us to entertain ourselves as well. Countless varieties of human experiences of numerous things on this world would have gone entirely to waste without contributing anything to the overall betterment of the society, leaving us stranded in the stone age, without the power of excellent descriptive writings and essays. It allows the few, to be of immense use to the many. It has brought communities together and has allowed people to express their thoughts and ideas in an adequate manner. In short, descriptive writing is the heart and soul of the internet, and it is going to stay this way for some time as well. 

The descriptive form of writing, that is so generously adding to human writing, has not been neglected by its users as well. Some very focused efforts have been made to categorize the types of descriptive essays and their general tones as well. There have been numerous ways to generally divide the types of essays which may include examples such as short stories, abstracts, novellas, article essays, and even detailed essays. Our focus in today’s writing piece would be on the phenomenon known as the 500-word essay.

A 500-word essay, a quantitative analysis:

The most commonly used descriptive form of writing both academically and is typically this type. It has just an ample amount of words to describe the topic adequately. It doesn’t allow the writer to put forth a very descriptive and in detail views of his own about the subject in the spotlight, its mostly factual and to the point. It is usually divided into three parts:

  • The introductory part

  • The main precis 

  • The conclusion

The essay offers a brief introduction to the topic, maybe even some history of the given topic. It then proceeds to explain the main issue. This is essentially the central part of the essay. It goes into detail about the outline of the topic, its characteristics and the things it contrasts to.

The conclusion is a vital part of these articles; it is the essence of the articles in the sense that, it re-establishes the whole argument given by the writer in particular regard. It reiterates the entire points in a very focused manner. It makes the arguments circle one specific point and then also derives a definitive and concrete result of the whole article. Something that makes sense of what was written by the author and discussed.

The major three parts are discussed below:

The introduction:

This part of the essay sets up the tone of the subject. It’s the preamble of what is to come in the following essay. It serves basically to provide some context to the readers to what the essay is going to be about, why it is being written and what will be discussed about the given subject as the essay progresses. However, the introduction, like all the other parts of the essay are kept concise and to the point. No extra ideas other than that of the topic are added to the essay. It doesn’t allow the writer to express his personal ideas and thoughts about the subject under study. The essays of this type are mostly factual or written like a report. Their main target is to brief the audience on the topic and allow them to derive their own conclusions. Their reason for writing is to present the information quickly and effectively, all the major points concluded in a single essay like structure, that gives the reader an insight into the topic on the go. Therefore, the introduction establishes a fundamental ground framework of the article.

The main body of the essay

This is the main precis, the meat of it all and the main explanation of the subject under study. It works as the main part of the essay that is to tell the reader about the subject in adequate detail. It is directed towards the reader and is mostly about the accounts on the things under study. As we are aware of the fact that main content of the body of the essay is like the void which can never fill to a maximum level, no matter how much a writer puts words into it, it still shows some tendency of space, and that extra portion still left, is the room for improvement. A literature student always keeps this rule in mind that in literature you can never be ideal as there is always some capacity to improve. So, relating the points discussed in few lines back to the subject concerned, i.e. the main body of the essay, we can say that when we start to explore the core portion of the essay, given the word is five hundred words only, we cannot delve deep into the intricate details of the subject. A descriptive essay ranging up to five hundred words might be a kind of summary as compared to the essays with much larger word count. The main point to ponder here is what exactly to include in the main body of an essay. The answer is straightforward, encouraging and satisfying that a writer can consist of any chunk of knowledge he has on the subject in the essay's main body. There are no restrictions or limitations on the writer when he pens down the core body of the essay. The main body can include general information likely the essential facts and figures relating to the subject, research work that has been thoroughly done on the subject, quotations, and viewpoints of other personalities keeping in mind the topic and a plethora of examples connected to the question directly or indirectly. The writer can also make use of some contentious debate in the main body, but an essential thing that must be kept in mind is to avoid comprising on the quality of the essay.


The whole discussion comes to this particular point, in the end, the conclusion. Some writers write it as a summary of the whole essay thus confining the entire set of explained words into the space of few chosen words and making sure that it still conveys the idea of the whole essay. In some other cases, the writer also includes a brief comparison of what he has written with some closely related subject because comparison gives promotes clarity in explaining. An excellent selection of words is a necessary stipulation in the formation of the conclusion of the essay. The reason for that argument is that there are instances when a reader is in a hurry of selecting the from the wide range of essays written on the same subject so, what does he intend to do?

In most cases, he would probably land on the conclusion and read it to get an instant idea about the subject and all the points relating to the topic that was discussed in the essay. After reading the conclusion he will decide on going with a particular essay. If you want it to be your essay, then the thing to focus on is your conclusion's quality, creativity, and presentation. The general idea of a conclusion is squeezing an abundant number of arranged and structured words in a concise, precise and organized way keeping regarding the maintenance of the quality of an essay.

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