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What is a 1000 words essay


Essay writing is widely considered as a criterion for measuring the standard of a writer. The arrangement of words relating to a specific topic in a concise and structural manner so that it explains the comprehensive detailed analysis of the subject. Many standard literary tests use essay writing as a tool to measure the skills of a person who is taking the test, there are many aspects that an essay is comprised of, and every element has some specific judging areas that if the writer has touched those areas he has fulfilled the necessary condition of the article. Even though literature can never be written ideally, for there is always some room for improvement, still some writers manage to employ such a virtuoso set of skills that it becomes difficult to dig the areas where he can further improve on. There are many types, or categories of essay writing as per the conditions are given. There are descriptive essays, narrative essays, informative essays, argumentative essay, etc. while on the other hand there also exists a word-based category of the articles, i.e. the compositions are devised on the rationale of a specific number of words, for example, there can be a question asked to you to write on a particular topic in 500 words or 1000 words essay.

Setting up a standard for your essay:

The numeric value of word count can go on increasing depending upon the stipulations. A general trend that is followed for basically different writing competitions, examinations or research work, etc. is to write a 1000 words essay, this amount of words usually provides a checker with almost adequate amount facts and figure, if appropriately written after following the standard procedure, to grade the work of the writer so, the main topic of discussion will remain to be how to write an essay comprising of thousand words with methods to improve the written material and set up a high standard. An article, without considering the word count, has some specific requirements to be attained for it to be considered as a properly processed essay. Considering the requirements which are focus, coherence, unity, development, correctness. Now, we shall have a brief and concise idea of these above-mentioned traits of a good essay. 

Focus is something you need in any kind of work you are indulged in to get a maximum output so, therefore, while writing an essay, the writer should keep all his focus and attention on the topic of the essay and not let it derail, this would, later on, enable the writer to gather utmost information and give it a form of essay. The coherence factor also needs some paramount attention because it should be kept in mind by the writer that if he is giving a proper structure to the scattered information in his mind, it should make sense to the reader. An exceptionally better essay always makes sure that each and every line of the essay is directly or indirectly connected to the main title or main idea of the essay. Then comes the development of the essay, that particularly means pretty much the same to what the unity of an essay was but with an additional condition that is if development is needed to be visualized that makes an essay more expressive and eye-catching in its appearance. Last but not least is the correctness factor that ensures the removal of any kind of mistake e.g. spelling mistakes, format mistakes, and sentence structure, etc. Another important base of a properly written and devised essay is the aspect of creativity, which means that a writer should use some catchy and though provoking ideas in the mind of the reader, more like explaining a simple topic but which not so simple but creative material.

Structural Management and Intricacies:      

  A 1000 words essay might sound a job without having experienced any time management issue but that where the word count really matters because a thousand words are very few numbers of words chosen for a thorough elaboration of a topic, so, when the writer is provided with a relaxing word count of thousand, then it is the importance of each word that is selected which matters. The less number of words goes inversely proportional to the intensity of the strictness in judging the content. There are specific points that a reader should keep in his mind to improve the standard of his essay, in the initiation point give a brief introduction of your topic and discuss some general information regarding the matter, give your audience, a meaningful flow of ideas. The writer should use some specific words to grab the attention of the readers and keep them engaged throughout the whole essay. After the introduction, he can leap on to the part where he provides some background information regarding the subject at hand, and he should do some precise research on the history of his topic to set the frame of the timeline for the reader provoking its evolution thoughts in his mind and raising some flaring questions. For example, let's take the wheel as an example of the topic of the essay, in its background section, the writer is bound to follow a chronological order of events that either lead to the discovery or invention of the subject. Making the reader traverse through the intro and background of history, the next step is to describe the subject's major and minor essential facts and figures. Still throughout the process of setting the scrambled information in an order and placing it out on a piece of paper, one should keep in mind that it all must be done in a way which is as creative as possible because the writer can never guess where his reader can lose his interest so, as a measure of precaution he has to be careful while writing every single word. Usually, when writing an essay the core purpose is the expression of the opinion of the writer, but they also exist a method of taking the point of view of other concerned personalities by quoting their relevant words in your essay. This is the point where one has to have some super managing skills because it requires the writer to be thrifty and accommodator for he has been given a specific word count he cannot exceed. In the parameter of his given word count of a thousand words, he will then have to maintain a peculiar equilibrium between his thoughts on the subject and the relevant opinions of the concerned personalities also. The one last standard requirement of a general essay falls into the category of management again, which is revealed to be as managing the number of paragraphs in the article. The selection of paragraphs entirely depends upon the critical word density and the distribution of the subject's chapter into manageable chunks. The reason for carrying out this momentous step is to keep the reader engaged in the essay. It is quite possible that a reader after seeing a single paragraph of monstrous length loses his interest or gets bored, even though the writer has put all his hard work into gathering information and writing it with enhanced quality, but still has failed to collect the coin of interest. This is why essay writers prefer sectioning their essay material into a suitable number of paragraphs with each paragraph shining light on some unique aspect of the subject.

Strategies recommended by Essay Experts:     

“The smart is the new strong”, this quotation very accurately applies in the particular case of essay writing, as being smart, careful and concise yet being able to organize an astute essay is the ideal goal of essay writing. Experts, who have some extraordinary professional experience in this field often share their small chunk of trusted strategies with junior-level writers so they can nourish their set of skills as well. These strategies have a comprehensive spectrum and can be extensively followed on. If we narrow it down to a 1000 words essay, we then need to be selective while choosing which technique or strategy to adopt. A standard article with a word count of thousand can be specified in the sense of what kind of points you should pick from the professional's handbook of trusted strategies. Sketching out an outline for your essay is of vital importance as a writer should comprehend the fact that not every subject is similar to others. There can be a plethora of topics one could write on ranging from convincingly easy ones to unfathomably intricate ones. Therefore, a simple outline of your topic’s material is one of the most helping ways to smoothly move forward in your process. Usually, there are three elements of an essay even if it is being written with a limit of a thousand words or not, which are the introduction, main body and finally the conclusion. The introduction has already been discussed, the main body is what happens to be the meat of your essay if prepared well, and with care, you excel. The first collection includes all the bully discussion of your topic and every scratch of your research work. Whether they are facts and figures or quotations of renowned personalities all must be a part of your essay's main body. It is this specific portion of your article where you show you are allowed to be extravagant and even flamboyant in your vocabulary and hence making a strong impression on the reader. Typically, as per the research, an essay consisting of thousand words can spread up to four or four and a half pages. So, it should be kept in mind by the writer, before the start of his descriptive race of words, that he is setting out on a journey of conquering four complete pages. The one strategy that always pays of is, as mentioned earlier, a mature and vast vocabulary. Often, it occurs that while explaining a point in an essay the writer makes the use of the same words repeatedly in quick succession, which is indeed a discouraging move. Using the same word in a sentence and two or three other sentences creates a negative impression in the mind of the reader, he might be forced to consider the possibility of lack of knowledge, for the writer and discontinue reading. One purpose of essay writing is also to introduce the reader with new words in his vocabulary, but if the tutor, who the writer is facing a scarcity of words in his bag, how would he be able to increase the reader's knowledge. While writing an essay, the writer should always keep in the pocket a healthy bunch of synonyms, antonyms, and metonyms so he can use the same word in many ways to put forward his focused point.


In the end, as every essay comprises, a precise and elementary pack of sentences called a conclusion. Likewise, a thousand-word piece should also include an easily understandable summary of the whole discussion. Under this particular heading, the writer preferably emphasizes all the main points and portions of the essay, writing it down in a concise way. There is no need to go into a profound explanation of the ideas or facts in this section, as it would then contradict the essence of the word “conclusion”. Furthermore, there should be an unerring mentioning of the summary of each main point in the essay. A brilliant approach would be re-reading the whole article and highlighting the areas of prime importance, then in conclusion penning those core points down on the paper. Sometimes this question is popped in front of the writers that why is the conclusion in an essay is of vital importance? The answer is very simple; there are many instances when a reader is in a hurry, and he wants to grab a quick wrapped up précis of the topic. The reader would always then incline towards reading the summary or conclusion of the essay so, and he can get an idea of all the main aspects of the essay without skipping any. All the discussion above should be positively kept in mind when one day some flare rises in you and you grab a pen and paper to deliver what you have in mind in a structurally organized manner.

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