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How to write exploratory essays

The essay is a word derived from a Latin word, which translates "any case" roughly. So it can be said that essay is a short piece of writing representing any arguments from one side or anyone’s experiences, stories, etc. An essay is a very personalized document.

Types of Essay

a. Persuasive essay

It is a type of essay which includes academic writing in which the writer uses logic and arguments to convince the reader to the point of view by using solid and valid evidence from a research article, research paper, stating facts, examples from published material, and quotes from the experts.

b. Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a type of essay that includes the story from the writer’s point of view and his experience providing and specific to the point sensory details to involve the reader in the situation and understand the point of the essay.

c. Research essay

It is a type of easy includes academic paper where the writer needs to analyze the work of others on the specific topic and synthesize them with his ideas on it. In other words, the research essay is to analyze the others saying on the specific topic, argue their points, present them all according to his or her ideas in new formatting, and generate new information from old evidence.

d. Expositor essay 

It is also a type of essay which includes academic writing, but it is different from a persuasive essay as in this essay, the writer investigates the topic by evaluating the evidence and expounding the idea to describe and explain the point to the reader.

The Exploratory essay is different from the rest of the argumentative essay. In this essay, you have to write for learning more about the topic instead of writing to convince the reader to prove your work valid and sound. In this essay, the writer has a chance to explore the problem by searching on it. But in this essay, the writer doesn't need to make a thesis statement or give supportive arguments. The writer is free to write on research he has done and show it to people. Exploratory essay is reflective of the cognitive and writing ability of the writer. That's why this easy is said to be the most interesting, fun writing assignment.

As an Exploratory essay, suppose to investigate, not to prove, that's why it can be called an investigative essay. The writer describes different answers, how, when, and why the author has conducted this study. In an exploratory essay, the writer should gather information and give overviews of different points of view on a single issue.

In an exploratory essay, the writer follows the concept of writing an essay without having an end of the essay and allows the research to determine the outcome. This is writing to learn rather than one to prove what you know.

Purpose: The exploratory essay builds an inquiry about the issue and introduces a debate by looking at one argument a time. The exploratory essay asks you to widen the vision of the whole situation.

  1. The focus of the exploratory essay is on the question, not on a thesis.
  2. The two main ways are there to compose an exploratory essay; "in-process strategy" produces immediacy, while to produce more artistically designed essay by retrospective strategy.
  3. The exploratory essay addresses your research activities and results obtained from research. It addresses both orientated content to questions about a possible response to the issue under consideration.
  4. The strength and weaknesses of the various solutions to the considered issue are discussed in the exploratory essay.
  5. The exploratory essay recreates authentic reason resulting in a piece of productive information.

Objective:  The exploratory essay approaches a specific subject from different points of view and tries to analyze it. This essay does not solve the problem; it gathers all points on the issue and clarifies all points.

Common Ground: The exploratory essay analyzes the beliefs and opinions on a specific topic of different people noting differences and similarities.

Three or more points of view: There are different sides to a particular problem which leads to a debate. This essay tries to look at all those creative ideas objectively and lead to the solution.

Outline of Exploratory Essay

An outline of the exploratory essay has three parts; each part should contain relevant information.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body part
  3. Conclusion


It is the first part of the writing assignment in which the writer should give some key terms of your topic and describe them. The writer should pay maximum attention which will help to show a preview to the reader and develop an interest in the topic

Followings are the needs to be achieved in the introduction:

  • The writer has to grab or hold the reader's attention and the problem by checking the first line in literature used by the author.
  • The writer needs to understand the problem and highlight the reason why it is important?
  • The writer has to introduce a question, typically at the end of the introduction.

You should keep in mind the following different ideas for writing an introduction:

  • Share a real Scenario
  • Disclose the statistical values 
  • Make up a story for the audience, but make it clear for the audience that it is fictional
  • Describe a standard situation or scene 
  • Explain a situation in a standard manner
  • Talk about the reason why the argument is important
  • Give a brief history of the concept behind the issue
  • List out problems related to the topic under discussion
  • Write several examples of this issue
  • Ask multiple questions for building the interest of the reader
  • Use the interview questions and relevant answers for guiding the audience related to the issue.

There are seven tips to write the introduction:

  1. The first sentence should be short,
  2. Try to use the word “you” at the beginning,
  3. Say something eye-catching and unusual to develop the interest,
  4. Explain why your paper is necessary to read,
  5. Show that your issue is currently relevant and is important to discuss,
  6. Make the introduction precise and brief,
  7. Give reference to the reliable source for making your work powerful.

Body Part

It is the second part of the exploratory essay. This part contains different paragraphs, first explains the problem, latter explains the various positions on the problem. In this part of the essay, the writer will develop a strong background by discussing important information and different points of view. This part includes facts and main points for your thoughts and against it.

To write a good body, the writer should include two parts to it.

1. The first body part of the Essay

The writer should describe the rhetorical background on the issue and pay attention to:

  • People affected or involved in the issue,
  • The time during which it lies just beneath the surface,
  • The process of development of the issue, etc.

2. The second body part of the Essay

The writer should explore the topic by describing different positions of the people concerning the issue and try to build a logical consequence by giving the reason. This part should be bigger than the first one.


The conclusion returns the reader to the introduction of the essay with the help of the following point:

  • Restating the main problem of the topic,
  • Outlining some important points of view,
  • Summarizing causes,
  • Showing different approaches.

In the conclusion section, the writer shares his or her personal views on the explored issue. The writer can explain the reason for selecting the topic. Compile the whole techniques and methods.

Few suggestions are:

  • Finish the story,
  • Mention the evidence that compels the conclusion
  • Support your conclusion and point of view with the audience,
  • Explain the most important point,
  • Encourage the reader to make their own decision,
  • Highlight the main elements that should be considered while making a decision.

Tips to conclude the essay

  • Challenge the readers to make their decision and conclusion,
  • Give the final most statistical and persuasive facts,
  • Highlight the action that can solve the problem.

What is a good topic for an exploratory essay?

The exploratory essay needs to have an arguable question to consider well written and interesting.

The question should be

  • Not solved, 
  • Something you could not easily locate to answer,
  • Something you find has at least three different views,
  • Something interesting for people, at present,
  • Something linked to a weighted issue.

Topics of Exploratory Essay

1.Health issues

  • How does health is affected by eating organic food?
  • Technologies like cell phones, can they cause cancer, i.e. brain cancer?
  • We used caffeine in daily routine, is it addictive?

2. Social Exploratory topics

  • How English children are affected by divorce.
  • Renewable energy is a viable solution in modern society.
  • Early marriages affect on personality.

3. Technology Problems

  • Technology is good for education or not.
  • Internet and copyright protection.
  • Positive and negative effects of nanotechnology.

How to choose a good topic of exploratory essay

To write an exploratory essay, the writer should investigate several points of view on an issue that is a matter of controversy. After choosing the topic, you should answer the questions;

Is your topic contradictory? You must understand clearly that it is interesting to talk about it.

What type of topic should it belong to?

  • Definition
  • Fact
  • Value question
  • Cause/effect
  • Policy question

Is the topic related to one of the main needs of people?

A good topic can be related to social problems, education, health issue, and peace in work, government issues in the world or particular countries.

Types of exploratory questions

  • Is this true? This represents that either issue is real or not.
  • What does the problem mean? This question defines the term and provides an understanding for the reader.
  • Is it important, and how much? This presents the importance of your problem and gives value to the issue.
  • What are the causes? This question provides the clue for the essay by explaining the causes of the issue one has to investigate.
  • What action should we take, what action can we take? It explains the solution to what we can do concerning the problem.

How to makes an exploratory essay different?

The objective of an exploratory essay is to take an objective stance when approaching any issue. The writer should remain neutral throughout the essay, and he should support whatever evidence he has gathered. Instead of trying immediately to solve the problem, the essay examines all of the potential perspectives of the issue and endeavors to explain those viewpoints observed from a different school of thought and researches.

The exploratory essay takes note of the varying audiences or people who might have an interest in solving the issue and hope to explore each different outlook while also making mention of any common grounds that might exist to solve the issue or sought out the issue.

Elements of an Exploratory Essay

  1. Clearly and concisely define the problem or argument.
  2. Analyze the issue, describe the relevant texts, readers and authors, etc.
  3. Identify and summarize key points on the problem.
  4. Mention your interest in the question and position it to the close favor option according to the different points of view.
  5. Collect a few visual aids to support your material for resolving any issue.

Tips for effective essay writing 

  • Give an appropriate and interesting title for your essay. It will attract, help to draw the attention and pique the curiosity of the reader.
  • Before beginning the essay writing, organize your thought and prepare a rough outline or diagram of your idea; it will help you to write a story with the flow.
  • Write the statement of the essay, so that it will be clear for the reader to know the statement you are supporting, or you are going against.
  • Keep the essay within the word limit of the mentioned instructions.
  • Keep the simple language throughout the essay. Avoid difficult, unnecessary, and complicated sentences.
  • Try to avoid grammar mistakes, use punctuation and spelling correctly. If it is not done properly, then it will distract the reader from the topic content.
  • Write the essay under three heading, i.e., introduction, body, or conclusion.
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