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How to write an essay

About Essay: All You Need to Know

Are you piled up with a bunch of essays? Are you struggling in the formatting of the essay? No need to look further, here we are providing the complete details of writing your essay. Essays are most common in high schools and colleges and are the mandatory part of their syllabus to judge the skill set of the students. Even in the business world, it is compulsory in the form of reports.

While discussing the essay, we must define what an article is? An essay is a brief composition that analyzes and argues on a particular subject while expressing the writer’s opinion as well. Essays are classified as formal and informal essays.

Formal essays strictly follow the guideline and are written to give business, political or religious reviews. These are relatively detailed and require vast knowledge regarding the concerned field of subject.

Informal essays involve personal life experiences, social blogs, travelling reviews, feedbacks on products or electronic gadgets. This writing style can be brief or lengthy; it targets the general audience, and it is relatively easy to understand.

Here are the steps to follow to write an essay that catches the attention of every person who is looking forward to writing an essay.

Steps for Writing Essay

Essay writing is a tricky thing; for some, it may be as easy as sitting on the couch and flipping the TV channels. While for the others writing an essay brings anxiety sitting on their computers while writing and formatting the drafts. But writing is not very simple, and it takes a lot more systematic planning to write a successful essay which catches the readers’ attention. If you are a newbie in essay writing, or your past experiences are not very good, and you want to expand your skills, it is a decent impression that you follow some essential steps.

For example, while writing an essay, you should draw the pattern in a below-generalized manner.

  • Decide the type of essay you want to carve.
  • Brainstorming
  • Research related to the topic
  • Form a hypothesis
  • Outline is mandatory
  • Carve the first draft of your dissertation
  • Edit your writing. 
  • Spell and Grammar check

These may sound a lot of steps, and the essay writing would look like a hard task, but this will make your life easy on the course of essay writing.


Choose the Essay Type

The first and foremost step in writing is choosing what kind of essay you want to write. Essays can be grouped into four different groups, which are discussed below:

Narrative Essay: a Narrative essay is a form of essay which tells a story or imparts some evidence about the topic. It is a more straightforward form of essay and is written in the way of a story. Narrative essays portray a vivid picture of one’s real-life experiences. It might sound simple, but it challenges students to think and write about themselves. The writer tries to involve the reader by sketching a picture of his thoughts and ideas. Concluding a narrative essay is another task as a writer has to keep track of the story he has built; it usually ends with a personal statement. For example, a traveller guides his readers through all the ventures and places he has been to and ends with the tips about safe travelling methods based on his experiences.

Persuasive Essay

Like expository essays, Persuasive essays are based on facts, but the writer engages and convinces the reader to accept his viewpoint. This type of essay must have a centralized logical background based on experiments where all results interlink to prove the writers claim true. Otherwise, the scattered ideas, no matter how consistent they are, fail to invoke the reader’s interest. A psychological essay where the writer discusses the typical behaviour and habits of agents under stress and persuades the reader to leave those particular set of practices to improve their lifestyle is an example. 

Expository Essay

In expository essays, the facts are stated out. A complete analysis is made based on statistics. The writer first draws the sample space of all the experiments he has performed or read about and then extracts the results. This type of essay should be extensive and well written. Since it is based on both the writer’s knowledge about previous works and his research it may give groundbreaking results. For example, analysis of a smart electric vehicle, comparison of different energy-saving technologies employed in it and proposing a better alternative to them.

Descriptive Essay

In a descriptive essay writer paints the picture of a character or an incident. This type of writing communicates a deeper meaning behind every description. To write a descriptive essay writer must know how to develop each character so the reader can quickly identify the central idea the writer wants to convey. For example, defining a culture of religion or trend by explaining what people usually wear in a particular region. 

Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay writer criticizes the techniques of other authors and is open to other’s opinions and criticism as well. It requires the writer to have thorough and in-depth knowledge about the subject or issue he is going to question. Such essays tend to grasp readers’ attention and interest quickly. When writing an argumentative essay, you should be aware of recent affairs and all the criticism that has been done on the topic you are working on. This type of essay is for well-learned readers who have a complete idea of what they are studying and whether the writer’s argument is justified.

Compare and Contrast Essay

The writer allows the user to draw his conclusion by stating out the apparent differences between the two subjects. For instance, the writer compares two civilizations, different ruling eras, different political personalities based on his findings. The writer should carefully do all the research work and study all aspects regarding the subject. He should not let his personal view create any biases as he concludes. The study of strong references is required since these essays mostly involve difficult or controversial topics. For example, an essay comparing two governments must have all the pros and cons of both clearly defined. It is for the reader to decide who he supports after studying it.

Process Flow Essays

Essays defining the process flow are mostly written for corporate businesses. B2B (Business to Business) dealings with the technical department in an organization are quite a complicated task. A process flow essay makes these technicalities easy and understandable for the consumer and new employee. It allows them to understand the communication that takes place regarding the client’s request and employee hierarchy in the firm. This type of essay includes a flowchart and a brief introduction to corporate structure.  

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Magazines and Newspaper articles target a particular audience and employ all different types of essay styles mentioned above to convince readers about the version of the truth they present. Health magazines offer herbal, surgical and allopathic solutions. They are specially for women with the dietitian's contact numbers advertised on side notes. Even after giving different solutions, they have a massive base of readers.


Brainstorming is the essence of writing. Brainstorming is the thought process which helps you in getting the arguments and the idea about the topic. During this phase, it is essential that you write down every single thing that comes in your mind and then you can narrow down the points according to your topic. Clustering or bubbling is the method which is usually used for brainstorming. In grouping, you write the text in the middle of the paper and then write down all the ideas surrounding it in the form of bubbles, just like clouds. Brainstorming is a technique that is used in bringing ideas about the topic.

Once you have a collection of the topics and you have divided it into sub-headings, it becomes easier to write because you have the idea about what to write and where to write. 

Research Your Topic

When done with the brainstorming of the topic which you had chosen, there is always a need for proper research. Research is appropriately carried out with the help of research papers, previous work, and some insights that are taken from public opinion. Research can be both qualitative and quantitative depending upon the topic.

Keeping your research well organized is essential so that it becomes easy if you want to refer back to it. Latest references make a positive impact on the reader, also help the writer to come across the present-day issues and formulate his hypothesis accordingly. The writer must do an intensive study of all the previous papers, essays or case studies.

An excellent and comprehensive literature survey helps the writer maintain consistency in his essay, and it does not confuse the reader. It helps the writer know about all the loopholes that exist in his proposal also refines his objectives. Be careful of how you are proposing futuristic, modern or better solutions than the previous ones; this does not mean to assert your viewpoint. Hence utilize the logical methods and invite the reader to see through your perspective.

Develop a Thesis

You need to develop a thesis statement for your essay, and at any point in the article, everything should support the thesis argument properly and justifiably. The thesis must be supported by adequate justifications and valid arguments throughout the essay so that the points convince the reader.

Outline Your Essay

Another step in your essay writing after carrying out the proper research and the thesis is outlining your essay. Due to outlining, you get a complete idea of the whole essay so that you get a clear idea which points to support and which not to. Another step is to jot down all the necessary points related to the topic. It means you want to draw the skeleton of your paper necessarily. Writing an outline can help to ensure your paper is logical, well organized and flows properly.

Write the Essay

When starting to write an essay work on your style, when you like the reader to have a broader view of your essay that involves all aspects regarding the agent/subject. The in-depth vertical look which only means one point but studies it deeply through the time.

Essays with bright agenda help students get good scores. A good start involves the reader’s interest right away. Compelling, persuasive and straightforward objective gains the attention, and it is easy for the reader to stay on track. People when searching through essays only read either the starting paragraphs or the conclusions, hence mention your strongest points here.


Review and Edit First Draft

An excellent essay is crafted out of many revisions. Ask your friends to review your article and get their feedback. It will help you understand the difference between what you intended to write and what was delivered. Make sure that the most active points appear at the start and end of the essay. Go through it at least twice to make sure your piece stays in line with your objective, claims, and idea. Ask someone to help you with editing and proofreading.

Check for Spelling and Grammar

It is essential for every essay that you proofread them effectively. Every piece should be adequately checked for the Spelling and the grammatical mistakes and should be dealt with in the first hand. It adds value to the essay and attracts the users more because if the grammatical or spelling issues are found, there is the natural feeling of boredom. So, to keep the readers interested in your overall draft, it is necessary that your essay is free from all sorts of issues regarding grammar and Spelling.

Planning Pays Off

There is a lot of effort put while pulling off a masterpiece. However, if you follow all these steps, you are going to get the best rewards in the form of the perfect essay. When these instructions are followed, you put together all the points accordingly and a well informative article together.

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