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How to write a admission essay for college

The matter of how to write an admission essay for college has posed a lot of concern to students seeking admission into colleges. With this article, students will be able to achieve a perfect admission essay.

Meaning of admission essay

This can be referred to as a statement that reveals your personality, skills, ambition, and best qualities that makes you different from other applicants to the admission committee of the college that you have selected.

It is a way of impressing the admission committee and makes them recognize you as a suitable candidate to be given admission in the college.

It remains the most essential aspect of your application that ought to reveal your personality and so it should not be copied from other sources. Asides using examples as your guide, it is expected that your admission essay should be written out by yourself. After all, you know yourself best.

It will be quite rewarding to start writing your admission essay early enough so you have enough time to go through the drafts and thoroughly revise what you have carried out.
There are different important areas of a college application that can influence admission decisions, one of which is an admission essay. It is, therefore, essential to know how to write an admission essay.

It is seen as the only aspect of the application that differentiates you from other students because you have total control of it. There may be similarities between you and other students in other aspects of your application, such as a transcript or extracurricular activities.

A solid admission essay with words between 500 and 650 will not just earn you entry in school, but will also put you at an advantage of earning grants, scholarship and some other financial aid. It is highly rewarding if proper time is invested in creating a solid essay.

Types of College Essay

There are four types of essays.

The Personal Statement

Several essays are seen as personal statements. These range from “telling us about yourself” to “circumstances that define you”. There are students who believe that their story is unique and related to their background and without which their application will be incomplete.

If you are a part of this category of students, then it will be awesome to write your story.

The purpose of a college essay is to communicate to the admission officials your personality through your writings about something you were previously involved in or what you currently do, which cannot be vividly seen by going through your resume or transcript.

Favorite Activities

This essay aims to make known your passion, an observer of what is not easily noticeable by others that makes you stand out, general things that differentiate you from others, and deep intellectual insight of something that makes you unique.

Consider those areas of interest, things you can go the extra mile for, things you do during your free time, activities capable of stirring you up and bringing out certain uniqueness in you or something others may never be able to attain. Make known reasons this activity is of great interest to you.

Why is the college your choice?

The essence of this essay rests on two headings: first, reasons for your interest in the school and how you think you can fit in into the school environment.

Do bits of research on the website of the area of study that you have chosen. Read on the available clubs and the one you desire to be a part of, professors you will be willing to work with, departments you intend to be committed to notwithstanding your schedule. Remember to include the impact you intend in the selected areas. Besides, the admission committee should have an idea of the commitments and sacrifices you are willing to make to have a positive impact on the college.

Intellectual Curiosity

Remember that gaining admission into a college requires that you have an area you want to major in. The purpose of this essay is to show your thirst for knowledge. Prove to the admission committee your willingness to learn.

Some suggested subjects for an admission essay

Questions on subjects to write about sometimes bring concerns to an applicant, but different topics can be written on when setting out to write an admission essay. Examples of these topics include:


The research revealed that a student's success is determined by his or her perception of the future, and this is exactly the focus of school communities.

What impact will you make, or what will be your contribution to make the world a better place? Your ability to impress the admission committee about your commitments can either reduce or increase your chances of being considered a candidate for the school.


Note that throughout your stay in the school environment, you will be on your own. That is a period when you will be confronted with diverse challenges, and it is expected that you find a way around it.

The essence of this is to show the ability in you to deal with challenges. You can write about the previous challenges that you were once confronted with and how you were able to find your way around it. Therefore, you must be able to impress the admission committee about your ability to survive any challenges that you might be confronted with.


These may be activities done outside the home. It is another subject you may want to consider writing on. Examples of these activities may include craving objects, cycling, caving, etc. Making this a subject of your essay can help to tell a lot about you to the admission committee.

Favorite meals

No one can resist food, especially when a favorite type is involved. When you write a story surrounding food, you make people start thinking about their favorite food; hence you are getting them engaged in your essay and also make them look forward to the body of the essay. Stories behind your favorite food can be used to explain your personality in a nutshell.


You may also write about areas that you had failed before, the effect it had on you, and the lessons that you were able to draw out of it and how the lessons had helped you to avoid another failure that would have occurred. It shows your ability to learn from failures and so you must be able to convince the admission committee that failure is a part of what makes a person.

Note that the admission officials are not looking out for perfect persons but for persons that are set to cause a positive change, so there is no need for you to shy away from your true experiences as this is what makes you unique from others.

Here is the step by step guide on how to write an admission essay for college

Never allow it to be written for you

The best person to write about you is yourself, so allowing someone else to have your essay written for you will not make your essay unique.

Pay proper attention to instructions

Guidelines for the application essay will be provided, which you are expected to read through and follow. Where you are found going against the set down guidelines can reduce your chances of securing admission because it will be assumed that you will not be able to adhere to the directions of the program provided by the University.

Create an outline

Having read through the instructions thoroughly, gather a few notes, and create an outline that will be used to organize your essay, and with it, you can conclude on the message you want to pass across.

The introduction must be compelling

Writing great essays may seem difficult, but it is very achievable. Remember that you may require a lot of research to come up with a great essay, but it takes a short space of time for your essay to be reviewed by the admission officials. Hence there is a need to make your introduction compelling to keep them engaged.

A compelling introduction requires that your paragraph is clear enough to pass what the whole is about to the admission official reviewing your essay. You may start with an interesting story that reveals your personality and helps the admission officials to know you better.

Be Yourself

You must not create your essay around the opinions of others but instead on your unique beliefs. This is an essential point you need to consider when finding out how to write an admission essay for college because colleges watch out for quality thinking and authenticity, and it also gives the privilege of bringing to light your knowledge on the chosen subject to an admission officer. Also, ensure to reflect your ambitions and skills, revealing how your chosen program will contribute to the success of your future goals.

Avoiding Cliches

Yearly, admissions officers review thousands of applications, which makes it easy for them to quickly identify unique ones. This means that you have to consciously discipline yourself not to be carried away by the many great essays you may come across during your research. Make those great essays a guide instead of using a lot of cliches.

Do not forget that there several other students applying to the same college of your choice, and some would have also come across the same essays that inspired you. However, for you to produce a unique essay, you must distinguish yourself by ensuring you produce an authentic application.
Also, go over your essay thoroughly to ensure you have original work in hand.

Give Examples

Your essay is a glimpse of how your mind functions to situations and the world at large; for your essay to be credible, you should include examples whenever you are expressing an idea. This can be done by giving examples from experiences you have been through, about how you have been motivated, reasons behind the conclusions you gathered from your experiences.

Remain Organized

Stick to an essay plan that you ought to have created before starting to write. Be focused on writing about a subject at a time. You are limited to a certain number of words, so be detailed enough using few words. Let your essay be organized into three parts, which are the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Read it Aloud

After you have been able to put together some notes, get a relative or friend that you can read it out to. This will help you to check your tone. Never feel embarrassed but instead be willing to change any area that requires it. The admission officials that will review your essay are also humans. Your essay must flow smoothly; you should be comfortable reading it out loud in front of other people. You will also be able to listen to yourself to know if your writings are you.

Proofreading your work

You will not be able to create a perfect essay from your first write up. It is not expected that you should present your first draft but instead read through your work many times and rewrite where necessary. You may also give it to others to help you look out for grammar errors, typos, and spellings.

This is because you might not see what they may see. The opinion of others will all contribute to having a great essay. Involve someone that you know is good at the area that you are watching out for. For example, for grammar errors, you should use the help of a teacher who you believe is an expert in grammar, or you want to be sure you adhere to the given instruction, then involve the one who is good in that, very observant and attentive.


It is believed that an admission essay is difficult to write, but this is far from the truth, because, with the above details, you will be able to come up with an amazing essay that will make you stand out among the rest.

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