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Editing essay

“To defend what you’ve written is a sign that you are alive.”
William Zinsser

For many students, editing is a difficult task when they write articles. They do not find a way to improve themselves. It is difficult to find a way to move towards improving, but to carry out effective editing in articles leads them toward it. It is commonly seen that editing an article before submitting it is the main difference between a brilliant and good grade student. A bright student will never submit his paper without editing and proofreading. Before you want to edit an essay, there are some points that to be shared with you. Follow those tips, whenever you do edit.

Right structure

The first and foremost thing which you ought to do is time management. Try to give a gap in-between essay writing and editing. When you start editing the essay right after you finished it, then there are more possibilities of errors. You could not be able to find out omissions. When you completed your writing, takу some rest and then, after a gap, start editing. In the editing process, your priority ought to be on the structure. Try to find out any omission in the argument. Make sure the argument you have written lead your article to a logical conclusion. Your focus ought to find out that what you have written in the essay give a sensible meaning. Do all points follow each other logically? Would it make the article more attractive? Have you used quotations or eyes catching sentence at the beginning to attract the readers? How did you start the essay? Have you exposed much at the start or keep some points to reveal it in the end? So, keeping these questions in mind will lead you to the appropriate structure. That helps you to edit your arguments and ensure your essay structure effectively. If you use a computer for your essay writing, then it could be difficult to rearrange the paragraphs in logical structure, cutting and pasting or dropping and dragging from one place to another. If you use this, then make sure to reread the essay or article. Sometimes cutting and pasting will lead you to the wrong paragraph. To say a perfect essay is just like a bonsai tree, will not be wrong. It is pruning down to the right size. That is why try to minimize long paragraphs correctly. These long paragraphs and sentences should be edited; because sometimes the reader does find it trickier to read. It bores readers as well. So, keep in mind to write sentences which include two to three clauses. Do not write long paragraphs. Start a new one after writing four to five sentences. Make sure to be a space in between paragraphs, as we are doing here in the article.

Trim long sentences and paragraphs 

Furthermore, it is necessary to make a sure reasonable length of each sentence with proper usage of words. Some students have habits of writing long sentences, so if this case is to you as well, then try to convey your message more concisely in the sentences. A student comes across lots of phrases that contain many words. So to avoid long phrases, try to find out short phrases or convey your message in two to three words.

Use proper and simple vocabulary  

When you are going to edit an essay, then first think about the reader who will read your article. Either you write for a teacher or a student. Some writers use complicated vocabulary in their writing. They do not follow the reader's choice and approach to that text. So, when you are editing an assay, then use proper synonyms. Keep in mind some words are repeating more in the article. Try to use synonyms of those words. Do not try to use embellish or hectic words in the essay. Sometimes using big words instead of simple ones gives an awkward message to the reader. So, when you are going to edit an essay: use simple words and try to be more communicative and healthy-looking in sentences.

Avoid repetition of ideas.

In proofreading, you must check out the repeating of ideas. When you write, then mostly a single idea is in each sentence or paragraph. You even do not notice that you are repeating ideas. So, the editing process makes you able to eliminate repeated ideas or sentences. When you start editing or proofreading, then keep a look at ideas and try to delete them. Repeated ideas or paragraphs give a bad look to the teacher and reader. They sometimes even do not check the paper completely when they come across such sentences.

Another point that is to be mentioned here is the connection of write-up. Try to connect this write-up with the most related ideas. Give a specific shape to this write-up. In paragraphs, use appropriate quotations, examples, or arguments. Give those which increase the value of your article.

Another thing is that the fact should not repeat in other paragraphs. Sometimes a student goes so long in detail of specific arguments, and then he/she forgets what he/she wants to say. So, avoid these things as well. Try to provide a clear idea, supporting facts: and a brief piece of evidence to make an article embellish and exalted.

You ought to keep in mind not to use too many common words in sentences or paragraphs such as ‘’the’’, ‘’a’’, but’’, ‘’also’’, "however’’, and many more. Try to avoid these as well.

Repeated words devalue essays and articles.

Avoid relying upon spellcheck.

Most of the students rely on spellcheck. They put incorrect words in spellcheck and then get the right one. But a tricky thing about this is that spellcheck does not correct every wrong word. If you put the whole text in the spellcheck, this service will not pick up every wrong word in your article. It may point out some typos and spelling mistakes, but it will never tell you about the wrong input phrase in the paper. For example, you want to write the word "form", but mistakenly you typed it as "from", which is still the specific word, then spellchecker will not be able to correct this word or to show you that this is wrong.

Spotting typos

Spot typos is a functional process use for editing purposes. When you edit an essay, then use spot typos. It will become easy for you when you are going to reread. That will help you when you want to edit it again. If you have an article in written form, then use a highlighter or red pen. Circle all the omissions and correct them. Then use your computer or laptop. Make changes in the article on your computer. Then take the original print of the essay. According to recent research, it says reading from a printed copy is easy as compared to reading from a computer. So, use this method.

Remove unauthentic and varlet words 

Sometimes, even students do not realize they are using an abundance of improperly or unnecessary words in their writing. These words do nothing but only increase the length of the essay or paragraph.

For example, the usage of ‘’very’’ is common in language, especially in writing, but it adds nothing, but the length of the sentence. 
Some words disgrace the style of writing. They are known as Weasel words. These weasel words are used to hide objectionable arguments or weakness of the essay. According to Wikipedia, these words are of three types.

  1. Numerical vagueness Those words which do not specify that, who’s these people are; like ‘’ many people say’’.
  2. Use of passive voice about the unspecific people as; ‘’ It often says’’ so the writer does not explain that,’’ by whom it often says’’.
  3. Use of adverb to show it as palliate point i.e. ‘’probably’’ so check these words and try to use others instead of that. These words are disingenuous: and your article may be weak by using these kinds of words.

Uproot tautologies 

Tautology means repeating the two consecutive words that give the same meaning. It is the use of a redundant term. That is also called a stylistic error. For example, the word ‘’ a big giant’’ referring to’ ’giant’’. So only writing ’giant’’ is sufficient. Try to remove or uproot these kinds of tautologies.

Students use this to embellish their articles, but they do not think that this makes their essay worse.

Check the commas

Some students have habits to use too many commas in sentences. Due to this, the sound of the paragraph is broken down. The sentence becomes a jumble and has an odd meaning. Sometimes, it is difficult for readers to find out the meaning of the sentence. So, try to use it in a proper place. Make a draft to where there is a pause in the sentence. Practice that when you speak louder. Where you ought to stop and where not. Think about the usage of the semi-colon: as it is might be more propitiate then a comma. Look carefully towards the sentence. When two independent clauses are connected; then semi-colon is used.

Unchangeable spelling

We have two kinds of spelling in English. UK spelling and USA spelling. Both are correct. Make sure to write one type throughout the article. Use the UK or USA in the whole essay. Such as, we have the word ‘’center’’. In the UK language'' center'' is written as ‘’centre’’ and in the USA language we write it as ‘’center’’.

Exclamation marks

Sometimes students confuse about exclamation marks. They scramble sentences and ideas. Many students use more exclamation marks. They think that by using this tactic, they will improve their essay value.

So in a practical case, you don’t need to use this mark. Only use it in academic work but very rarely. In academic work: use it as exceptional circumstances, especially when you think that in this sentence. There is a message of feeling and outrage or surprise.

Ascribe quotations

Students ought to use citations when they are writing an academic essay. So, when you edit your article, keep eyes on quotations as well. Make sure that you use proper quotations marks in the article. When you have written an essay for university, and now you want to edit it, use footnotes. They will help you more in editing the article. Do not forget to write a bibliography. It means to give a reference to all the books which you have taken help of in your essay.

As you know, the first impression is the last impressions. So the look of the article matters a lot. When the reader comes across your essay, he comes towards the structure of it. If the format is suitable and follows all the roles of the academic essay, then it gives the best expression to the readers. So, when you are editing an article, keep eyes on the format as well. Use proper format and font in your article. Use italics or underline the phrases where it is needed. Keep in mind that the spaces among the lines follow the academic style and essay pattern. Try to bold the headlines or topic of the article. Embellish your work by giving specific underlines, fonts, and style of the writing.

If you want to get good feedback on your article, then try to make it look professional and attractive to others.

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