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Descriptive essays


 The word descriptive comes from the word describe, which means to illustrate something with words. Thus, a descriptive essay is a genre of essay that helps to explain something in a way that the reader can feel, see, or hear through the description of that specific topic. In descriptive essays, there is an explanation of a person, object, place, experience, emotion, or situation. Unlike an argumentative essay, there is no need to collect responses from other people. There should be a clear picture in the reader's mind while reading a descriptive essay, and the writer should use all his five senses while writing. The main aim of a descriptive essay is to check the ability of the writer to describe any experience or to express certain feelings or situations. Describe every aspect of the surrounding in this essay without any discrimination. A good description is only that which has the power to bring the reader to the real happening of that situation or event. There is no room for suspense in a descriptive essay. Every point should be evident in the article. The use of five senses is not sufficient until the writer knows the techniques of applying them in the essay. There should be a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing in a descriptive essay through sensory observation. The power of language in a descriptive essay can only develop an emotional connection and a deep appreciation of the reader. For writing an excellent descriptive essay, one must encrypt a good thesis statement. The thesis statement will describe what the article will cover in its summary. Brainstorming is also essential in writing a descriptive essay because it will give many points and will help the writer to write every detail correctly by already noting all the points at a place.

Main Body

Qualities of descriptive essays

An excellent descriptive essay is always clear and concise because a concise language will help to describe the things precisely. There is a use of imagination in a descriptive essay, which helps to make things seem real and remarkable. The creation of this imagination or a mental picture by the writer of a descriptive essay using the five senses is a useful way.

The function of a descriptive essay

A person, place, or a thing is usually presented in a descriptive essay in such a way that the reader feels it as in reality; as if the picture is in front of the reader's eyes, or as if it's tasted, heard or smelt by the reader. One can describe the object through sensory information in such a way that the reader can grasp an honest picture of an object.

Writing Formula of a descriptive essay

If readers are not able to form in their heads pictures of particular things that a writer is describing, then such a descriptive essay is of no use.

Some guidelines to write a descriptive essay are as follows; 

Choose a topic

A single event, person, or location usually focuses on a descriptive essay. So, the first step in writing a descriptive essay is to choose a specific topic that makes sense and then describe all the events in the paragraphs by using chronological order. The articles should be in such a way that the starting should be general and then incline towards specific details later.

Brainstorming or pre-writing stage

All of the ideas must be jot down, and the creation of a rough draft before writing a descriptive essay is a plus point. Write down some words then the graphic lists; then, it will be easier to compile them. Use all the sources to get the necessary information and then create an action for further writing. Collect the relevant data related to the qualities of the topic one chooses. All the ideas, memories, feelings, and sensations should be in describing the subject because only the physical description is not sufficient in a descriptive essay. Mind and emotions can convey the subject's significance precisely. There should be an outline to put all the details in a logical sequence so that the plan for each paragraph can then be in focus.

Starting a descriptive essay

A descriptive essay must begin with an eye-catching hook to give your essay a great start to grab the attention of the reader. A good beginning of the article can be through including a simile, a metaphor, some literary quote, famous people quotations, some poetry lines, any exciting fact, or a joke.

Creating a draft

Words cannot be enough to show the image of an object. Only a skilled narrator can create a real picture of the things in the minds of readers and thus write a quality descriptive essay. Must follow the outline while creating a draft of the article. The goal of creating a framework of a descriptive essay is to give the reader a rich experience of the subject for discussion. For writing a descriptive essay, the most crucial part is the presentation. To present in the best way is to describe it with the senses, not just the sight, but also the sense of hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The explanations should be so much eye-catching that the reader can see the sunset, taste food, smell a flower or a fragrance, hear the song, and feel the touch of a hand.

Clear, Concise, and Vivid language

To write good descriptive essays, choose words carefully with a relevant meaning and a connection with the reader on a deeper level. There should be a hit in the emotional reservoir. Raise the strong sense of familiarity and appreciation to achieve a full descriptive potential essay, in the reader by a clear description of a descriptive essay.

An organized way of writing

The most challenging situation while writing a descriptive essay comes when there is an incoherent rambling of senses and emotions. But to create a compelling reason for the book, the description presented in the article must be logical and appropriate.

Enriched English vocabulary and online dictionaries

All the missing feelings should be in the descriptive essay by consulting a good English dictionary or opting for the online dictionary and using some good adjectives and adverbs. The involvement of adjectives in the descriptive essay will deliver all the feelings in full. Thus, the English vocabulary will help to add the details to the article.

Revising a descriptive essay

 A descriptive essay can be made best by reviewing, modifying, and organizing the work written in the article. In reviewing an essay, one should keep in mind that no paragraphs should confuse more than describing. A complete set of details must be there to give the reader a clear picture and all information. There must be a connection between the description and the meaning of the writer. A descriptive essay should not get ahead of itself, yet it must be precise.

Editing a descriptive essay

To write a descriptive essay means to correct the errors in grammar and mechanics. Improve improper style and clarity. Use Minimum Clichés and avoid over-loaded adjectives and adverbs. Fix all the trouble spots. Check whether every small detail is here or not to create a full vivid perception. Also, check the use of such words that convey feelings, emotions, or perspective. There should be no unnecessary details, and some meaningful information must replace them. There must be a focus on a single aspect of the description in each section of the essay. Efficiently ready paragraphs must also be properly joining the use of transition words. Proofread the article to ensure the best final product.

Finish it up

A descriptive essay will be in its last form after all the revision and editing. Proofread it multiple times and make sure there should be no place for mistakes. 

Format of a descriptive essay

The quality content of a descriptive essay is certifying with specific content. The outline of the article is the structure of a piece that includes segments that can guide in formatting the theme to complete all the requirements. There are three main parts of a descriptive essay below:

Introduction of a descriptive essay

The presentation is the part that sets footing for the reader and makes the first impression of the work. So, it should be impressive and well written. The introduction of a descriptive essay should start with suspense with the use of some eye-capturing words. The use of phrases and the questions can help in achieving this kind of start. There must not be a lot of description present in the introduction, but it should only include the main points that are going to be discussed later in the essay. The objective of the article should not disclose in the introduction part as it will lose the interest of the reader in reading the rest of the piece. There must be a well-written thesis statement at the end of the introduction part of the descriptive essay. A thesis statement is a single and prominent idea setting the purpose of the article and regulating the way of conveying the information in the piece. There must also be suspense in the thesis statement to attract readers.

Body of a descriptive essay

All the main ideas should be in detail in the body as it constitutes the essay. All the paragraphs present in the organization should support the thesis statement. Every item should have a start with a topic sentence, and then the evidence to support this topic sentence will lead to the description of the paragraph. In descriptive essays, there must be a link present between all sections through transition words that are usually conjunctions and suit the explanations. Sentences can either be joining through contradicted collaborations or through the addition of them depending upon the requirements. Each idea must be open in a different paragraph, thus presenting a well-thought-out way. The length of the body paragraph should not be too short or too long. There must be a standard of six lines in the most concise body paragraph.

Conclusion of a descriptive essay

The last chance to impress the reader of a descriptive essay is through the end. The conclusion part, which is the determiner of the grading level, must have the thesis statement. It should include the summary points of all the body paragraphs. The thesis statement should support the conclusion partly by just writing some main points that support the thesis statement and not writing the full description. The parting shot of the essay should be intriguing to create a lasting effect on the minds of the readers. Review the article through proofreading after writing the conclusion.

Types of a descriptive essay

There are some specific types of descriptive essays that are as follows:

Human article

It includes details about the appearance, actions, behaviors, and qualities of the respective subject.

Place essay

Places with the breath-taking sights can define in such a category of the descriptive essay.

Event essay

Any of the events such as a trip day, a graduation day, or a summer festival, can be a part of this type of descriptive essay.

Animal essay

In this type of descriptive essay, there are details of any selective animal.

Occupation essay

The dream job of a person can elaborate through words in this type of descriptive essay.

Behavior essay

This essay is specific for the behaviors of different people, how they act in different conditions.

Descriptive essays are the ones in which there is nothing to inform the reader about. Instead, different things are using appropriate words to show the purpose of the article. The expression involves the use of all senses. There should be Usage of Similes and metaphors to set the mood of a descriptive essay. Thus, the description of anything should present the most appropriate and understandable form thought a descriptive essay.

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