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How to write a dissertation

Methods to write a dissertation

A dissertation is an essential part of your academic career. It is the first academic part that defines your worth as a researcher. It brings out your caliber and potential and presents it before the world. It is usually performed at the end of the doctorate’s program, and it stands to show the cumulative knowledge that one may have acquired during the whole academic journey. There are many ways, precautions, and methods to consider if you are writing a dissertation. Its basic purpose, however, is for a person, to showcase his theories and ideas about a specific research topic. It allows the students to add to the research essays of their choices. Note down and categorize their experiences about something new and unknown. It is exciting yet daunting, and sometimes become a hassle for the doctorate students as well. Therefore, proper and valuable methods are usually required to write a dissertation. The thing about a dissertation is that they are magnanimously different from any assignments and even a thesis done during the master’s program or while getting a graduate degree. Its primary purpose is to distinguish the normal masters from a Ph.D. It differentiates a scholar from a learner. It judges your ability to observe, the grip of yours on your subject and then puts it to rigorous testing by exposing you to new conditions and scenarios. How a Ph.D. performs under current conditions is of fundamental value. The doctorate focuses on one’s ability to perceives further information and analyze it based on the existing cesspool of knowledge. Some very guidelines are usually followed while writing a dissertation. We exact caution in one manner. It is in the best interest of a student of a doctorate to find a sweet spot between overconfidence and under confidence. You have to believe in the knowledge you gained during your master’s and bachelor’s program, but you have to realize that a doctorate is significantly different from all of its previous degrees. By forming a routine, following a particular research regime and allowing the mind to ask questions and then following up on their answers, is what defines the fundamental essence of this dissertation chapter of life. The following are some essential guidelines that could make this hectic and extremely vague chapter of your educational journey, an enjoyable and giving part.

Being careful about your topic of research

It is one of the fundamental concepts of writing a dissertation. It revolves around your ability to analyze your abilities and interests, bringing them on the same page and then working towards forming a basic framework upon which you will work. While writing a dissertation, it is advisable to confine yourself to your most substantial areas. However, a curious mind tries to poke at things which are unknown to him, and this part of life seems like a very excellent place to start this experimentation phase. While it varies from person to person, we would suggest that a good doctorate, which does not strip you of your mental peace, would be the one which is based on your strong points. However, for ambitious students, we advise that they take proper guidance and make a proper plan while going up against an are that is slightly far from their primary area of interest. On one side, a dissertation which is based on something that you are already good at will give you an extra boost in your time management and general working, and it would confine you to the whereabouts of the things that you may already be familiar with. The dissertation written on an entirely new topic will allow you to pursue things outside your comfort zone which goes a very long way in one’s professional endeavours. It makes a person more capable and more observant. However, it could hinder your time management, but the key to success here is consistency. The next things in the list focus more on the methodology and quantitative analysis on writing a dissertation:

Know your enemy, know your path to success

The first and essential part of writing a dissertation is to form a very general questionnaire at the start. You have to understand what you are writing about, its derivatives, the research done on it already.

Moreover, one of the most basic preambles of writing a dissertation is to know about your abilities as a student, which means you have to know what’s expected of you by your teachers and the faculty above you. What sort of research dissertation you may be writing and what should be kept in mind while writing it. Below there are some critical points without which your dissertation could go very very wrong. 



  • What is expected of you while you go about writing your research papers

  • What kind of tone your dissertation must carry to satisfy your teachers and higher faculty

  • What the seniors did in their dissertations

  • What kind of patterns you must follow while going about your work.

  • What is the expected word count

  • How much detail the professor requires

  • How much time and research has to be done

These are the most important questions that you must ask yourself, answer clearly and promptly and then begin your work. While doing your research, it is widespread to hit upon a block of knowledge. We advise it that you must not shy away from consulting your senior teachers and professors. If you do feel midway, that your research topics might not juicy enough, we suggest you ask to change it with some faculty members of your university.

Moreover, these plans allow you to form a game plan about specific topics that could prove difficult to you due to some reason, which brings us to our next important question. It is very much asked of a student to know how his work is contributing to the already present span of his/her subject. What kind of impact it will make on the topic under study and what might be the outcome of his research work. Which means, you should follow the scientific way of forming a hypothesis and working towards its physical manifestation in the form of your research work.

The game-plan

 Now you have some idea as to what you have to do. The next stage is to form a viable and robust game plan and stick to it. The most important part is to develop a general outline as to what you are going to do to achieve your goal. This means gathering intel on your topic. The intel gathered on the subject of doctorate and writing of a dissertation are something that you must take great care in choosing. Go to the local libraries, rely on the online lectures and pay online for real and legit literature sites, but make sure that your intel is referenced from a credible source.  The next step is to realize what you must do to extend your research. Gather the information about the experiments that you will perform and the research essay writing that you will carry on. The game plan is followed by the creation of a concrete and adequate methodology.

The methodology

A clear mind gives rise to a clear way of working. The doctorate is that part of your educational journey, where it is expected of you to form a viable solution to your solutions. Therefore, analyze the issues that you may be facing and work towards bettering them in a methodical way. 

Moreover, your effective way must be based on a very well- defined set of rules that you must try to never sway from. These rules will keep you focused on your goals and will allow you to do your work efficiently and more actively. The methodology will follow the following set of very general broad views:

  • Dividing your research into various stages such as the initiation, the primary study, and the conclusion

  • Working your way through every step

  • Maintain a questioning mind without being complacent in your research

  • Searching and researching

  • Forming a primary and rough draft and seeing its feasibility

  • Ironing out the issues in your study

  • Revision and re-revision

  • Maintain a professional and working attitude

Moreover, an ingenious and creative way to maximize your efforts and results is to resolve to use charts and tables that work in close collaboration with your research and analyzes it statistically.

In some cases, this approach is a necessity, but in cases, this is not, it will give you a massive boost in scores as well as your working efficiency. Moreover, sometimes despite your best efforts in working hard, your plans in the research don’t get you the results required. It is highly advisable that you must not try to straighten a broken road. Instead, it is much easier to start building up a new one. It is, therefore, a common practice to either abandon a specific methodology provided it doesn’t work, or make it flexible and workable. Either way, you are advised to back up and see your research work from a broad perspective. A vital thing to keep in mind here is that you ought to as often as possible back up, make research notes and keep up an exclusive rundown of your sources. 'Monitoring what you've been perusing and where it originated from will spare you long stretches of work later on. It very well may be amazingly hard to recall where thoughts originated from, especially when you have books heaped high and organizers overflowing with articles.

The writing, a test of consistency

A very common proverb goes as follows: “don’t form the facts around your theories, rather your theories around the facts”.

This proverb holds profound meaning for any independent researcher who is wishing to write a dissertation on a topic. The key is to be consistent in your research and its documentation. You have to keep working as you work. The meaning here is that you have to re-evaluate your progress at every step along the way. You have to write it all down in a very concise manner and the given format. Your research will not be done in one day, as the saying goes Rome was not built in a day.  This should allow you to spread out your study over a timespan and write a lovely dissertation where every point and every concept is touched and adequately explained. 

The main focus: effort

Writing a dissertation is a very independent experience in of itself. It what makes a student a scholar. It forms the professional identity of a person. It urges a student, to leave behind the peers, the community and work solo on a very new project and very new topics. The main help, in this case, is you. There are rarely helpers and experiences like these can cause stress and anxiety. This problem is remedied by believing in yourself and working hard. Moreover, an attitude of excitement towards the new unexplored avenues, can not only increase your productivity, but it may also just allow you to discover a very major scientific breakthrough which could have the ability to change the way we live.

It is advisable to do some soul searching, taking a little time off and focusing on yourself as well while you are going through this rather stressful period of your life. Viewing the things from a bigger perspective, such as the fact that your writing could be instrumental in the long run of the subject, can give you some incentive to work hard. 

Editing, a Ph.D.’s most powerful tool

It is very important that you give an adequate amount of time to edit and re-edit your dissertation. It is the basis of how your dissertation will be viewed in the first glance. Adding in detailed charts, pie graphs, bar graphs, numerical figures and creative colors designated to different parts of an experiment, will allow you to maintain a professional behaviour throughout. It will lend your work an edge that will make it better than all of its competitors.

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