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StudentTerra – online consultations for students StudentTerra – online consultations for students

Online consultations
for students

Are you an undergraduate, graduate student, teacher or tutor?

Take up tasks and consult with students directly! Choose from over 100 orders every day!

Where to find a business plan writing job online

  • Earn an income up to $700
  • Become an expert and earn money with your knowledge – at whichever time is more convenient for you.
  • 0% commission
  • No investment is required from you. You don’t pay a percentage of your earnings for being chosen as an expert. All expenses are the client’s responsibility.
  • Complete confidentiality
  • You can trust us — your personal information is absolutely secure and will not be used by third parties.

Sign up now and
get access to orders

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get access to the website and orders so you can start interacting with clients.


During the second stage, you’ll be asked to answer questions from a mini-questionnaire. This will allow us to rate you and help you stand out from other contractors.

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Advantages of working with us

  • Unlimited orders
  • If you’re willing to complete 10, 20, 50 or 100 orders a month, we’ll give you the opportunity to do so. Needless to say, the more orders you complete, the more money you’ll make! The only condition is that your work must be on time and of high quality.
  • Fast orders’ search
  • All you need to do is make your resume as detailed as possible. Thanks to advanced search filters and auto mailings, you do not have to search for orders manually.
  • Personal orders from
    regular customers
  • If you do high-quality work, you can be confident that the client will contact you again. They can also recommend you to their friends, thereby ensuring a stable influx of orders.
  • +6 000
  • New customers every month
  • Protecting experts
  • The website features an independent arbitrage system that protects experts against dishonest clients and ensures that any conflict will be settled in an ideal way.
  • Tech support available seven days a week
  • If you encounter any difficulties during a project you can always contact our specialists, who will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible. Whether you’re having trouble uploading a file or applying for a withdrawal.
  • +1 000
  • New orders every day
  • Talk to customers
  • You discuss the price and project details personally with the client. During the preparation of papers, you can ask any additional questions and get fast answers. This communication saves you a lot of time. This is what makes StudentTerra stand out from other agencies, where interaction takes place through managers.
  • Secure transactions —
    100% guaranteed payments
  • You don’t start work until the client has pre-paid 100% of the price. The funds will be stored in your account during the paper`s preparation and guarantee period.
  • More orders equal better rating
  • When you complete orders, you don’t just make money. You also earn a reputation that will provide you with more orders and repeat customers in the long term.
  • Regular income
  • Constantly growing number of orders ensures you’ll always have a source of income. You can choose urgent orders or orders with deadlines that are several months away. This way you can provide yourself with a stable source of income and be confident about the future.
  • 5
  • Completed order
  • Withdrawal
    starting at $2
  • You can get the money you’ve earned as quickly as possible: between five minutes and 48 hours. The minimum amount is $2. You can receive payments using whichever method is most convenient for you (debit card, digital currency, mobile balance).
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Feedback from experts who are already making money on our marketplace

  • Linda
  • Humanities
  • ID 00094
  • With us since Sept 2019
  • Completed orders: 12

I have my own customer base now

I’ve been part of the StudentTerra team since September 2019. Getting started was challenging, but interesting. I’ve developed my own customer base over the years, so there are a lot of regular customers who don’t even look for new contractors anymore, but just come straight to me. Sure, the work doesn’t always go smoothly — there can be unpleasant situations, like when a client isn’t satisfied with the work you’ve done. When this happens, the arbitrage system is there to help. It’s like a “third party.” I really like being able to talk to clients live, which is possible because the service is so well designed.

  • David
  • Physics, mechanics, hydraulics
  • ID 00182
  • With us since Sept 2019
  • Completed orders: 9

There’s plenty of work here

There are plenty of other services that offer something similar. I worked for a few of them at first. After comparing them, I preferred StudentTerra. It’s a convenient place to work — it’s got a simple, functional interface, lots of orders, and hassle-free, option-rich withdrawal. All in all, it’s just a really convenient system, and it makes me want to work. I think the service will only grow in popularity over time. No problems at all so far! Well, I guess I do have one problem: how to increase my productivity so I can get more done.

  • Emma
  • Economics
  • ID 00347
  • With us since Sept 2019
  • Completed orders: 19

I get the money I’ve earned without any delays

The StudentTerra team resolves any issues very quickly because the guys are always online. The support service always carefully explains how to solve a given problem. The contractor interface is very well designed, and searching for orders is a snap. I get the money I’ve earned quickly and without any delays — it never takes more than 24 hours. That’s why the website is growing and there are always more and more interesting orders. Thank you, StudentTerra!

  • Mia
  • Humanities
  • ID 00795
  • With us since Sept 2019
  • Completed orders: 25

There was a lot of competition, but it all worked out

I started working on StudentTerra in September 2019. At first I didn’t think I could be very successful because there was so much competition. But it all worked out! You can make some real money here while picking interesting orders. I’ve started getting regular customers. I value this work and appreciate StudentTerra’s support. The website’s administration is always available to talk to contractors and clients. All in all, I’d like to thank StudentTerra for being such a pleasure to work with.

How do I start making money on the online-service?
  • Sign up
  • Sign up and get access to orders
  • The system will send orders
  • The first way in which you'll be able to search for orders is through a system mailout.
  • Offer prices and discuss details
  • Log in to your account to set your rates and discuss the details of working with clients.

Sign up now and
get access to orders

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get access to the website and orders so you can start interacting with clients.


During the second stage, you’ll be asked to answer questions from a mini-questionnaire. This will allow us to rate you and help you stand out from other contractors.

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11. Are you looking for contractors right now? Yes, we are. Please fill out the Sign-Up form on this page and get access to the orders.

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12. How is StudentTerra different from other agencies (companies)? On StudentTerra, you don’t talk to managers, but the clients themselves. So questions about the price, deadlines and details of the order are solved much faster. If you do high-quality work, you can be confident that the student will contact you again and recommend you to their friends. This means you'll get more and more regular customers and orders.

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13. How much will I get paid for the services I provide? On StudentTerra, you set your own price with your clients. The website pays you 100% of your earnings. The fees are paid by the clients, not the experts.

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14. When will I get the payment for the services I provide? Before you start working on an order, the client pays 100% of the price in advance. The funds are kept in your account while you’re working on the order and during the guarantee period (between 7 and 20 days on average) given to the client to evaluate your work. Then you can then withdraw the funds from the website.

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15. How can I get money, and how long does it take? You can withdraw the money you’ve earned in a number of ways, including your debit card or your mobile balance. Transfers take from five minutes to 48 hours.

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16. What guarantees do you provide? The expert’s guarantee is 100% pre-payment by the client. The funds are kept in the expert’s account during the papers preparation and guarantee period (so the client can evaluate your work). The guarantee period is between 7 and 20 days on average (depending on the service type). Clients can remove an order from the guarantee early.

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17. What can’t you use when consulting students? StudentTerra prohibits the use of ANY artificial methods of increasing uniqueness.

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18. How are conflicts resolved? For example, if the client wants their money back and insists that the services provided were of poor quality, but everything was actually done properly? The website features an impartial arbitrage system with specialists who exhaustively evaluate the order and every aspect of the work done (including quality and correspondence with the original assignment). A decision is made based on this evaluation.

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19. Are any of the clients on your website mediators? Yes, there are clients on our website who are mediators (representatives of referral companies), but most of our clients are students.

A lot of people are coming up with businesses nowadays. It doesn't matter if they are small enterprises or huge corporations. All if not all, have a specific something in common. They both require a business plan. For any business looking forward to skyrocketing or go a step further, then a business plan is necessary. Are you an expert in writing a business plan and would love to use your expertise to help others? Tons of people don't know how to come up with a business plot. If you want to use your talent and skills of writing a business plan for job and earning money, there is no doubt a plenty of business plan jobs in the world. You need to know where to find them and work hard to ensure you always come up with awesome workable pieces.

So, What's A Business Plan?

This is an executive summary or an overview of what one wants to achieve with the business. It's a formal piece. It includes details such as the time frame one wants to complete the business if he or she isn't into business yet, the exclusive budget, what one wants to achieve in the long run, plans, operation models. Also, one can include, if you are seeking, investors or expands on your business in the long run.

Importance of a Business Plan

Is it essential to have a business plan? It just depends on the goals or what a businessman wants to achieve with the starting business. If the goal is a success, one should have it. Most business plan job writers want the best for any business. The following are some advantages of developing a business plan:

Fuels Ambitions and Mapping

Every time business people look at their business plan, they will remind themself why they have started the business and their destination. It will keep encouraging them to stick to their goals. Also, they will work towards achieving that. They will know exactly how to grow their businesses.

Enables You to Add Executive Talent in Your Business

If the ultimate goal is to attract investors and other amazing talented persons in the team, then that's a job of business plan. Through the plan, businesspeople attract potential investors into their businesses. They would develop interest and want to be part of it.

How to Write a Business Plan

To win a business plan consultancy job, then you have to know how to write a magnificent piece. The following are a few things to be kept in mind:

  • Have a clear goal- a vision is essential in any business. a Businessman needs to know the budget meant to put out there to reach the goals; the number of employees, amongst other things.
  • Invest time in research – thorough research must be executed. Who are the competitors? Whom is the product meant to be sold? One should look for those who are selling the same product or service, study the markets well.
  • Keep it short and to the point- nobody wants to read a lengthy business plan of about 100 pages. One should strive to ensure that only relevant information is included — one which will be easy to review and adjust when the need occurs.
  • Keep your tone, style, and your writing style consistent.

You can always ask the business owner for some details like goals, and visions, to help you produce what they exactly want.

Where Do You Find Business Plan Writing Jobs?

Once you have the right skills, it's time to look for the actual job. A site like StudentTerra is a good place for a business plan writer job. You just need to sign up, which is a quick and easy process. Here are some of the benefits you get:

A Quick Order Search

You don't have to spend hours looking for a job that fits your qualifications. Once you've filled the requirements plus submit your CV, the system automatically picks the jobs that suit your skills. You then decide on assignments to work on.

An Unlimited Number of Orders

We have no limitations on the number of tasks you can tackle. Work on the number of projects you are comfortable with. Do you want 20, 50, or 100 orders in a month? The choice is all yours.

Withdraw From As Little As $ 2.

Having an emergency and need your money as possible? You don't have to wait like forever or reach a certain amount to withdraw your cash. Withdrawals are instant. You deserve to get your money whenever you need it. The withdrawal process is fast; it takes around 5 minutes.

Decide On Your Rates

At StudentTerra, you are one to decide your worth. Hence, we give you the chance to communicate directly with the client and negotiate on the prices.

Getting clients can be a hell of a job. But once you discover where to get them, your business plan writing career will propel.

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