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StudentTerra – online consultations for students StudentTerra – online consultations for students

Online consultations
for students

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Invite your friends and get
bonus balance from their payments

Getting bonus balance is easy

Send an invitation link to your fellow students and friends and get 1$ for every 100$ they spend on orders.

order price
your bonus balance

You will receive bonus balance from all orders.

If you invite new users on the website, you will receive bonus money from all their orders for 5-6 years. Sharing your invitation link will provide you the constant income.

  • You can pay for orders that you place on the website.
  • You can withdraw the bonus money to your credit card or Paypal account.

How to invite new clients?

1. Via websites, forums and
social networks

  • How to use the banner:
    Don't forget to replace it with your own invitation link.
  • Use this link to advertise the website. The system will automatically identify it and update the balance of your account.
  • We recommend you to use not only Facebook and Instagram, but also forums and announcement boards. It will ensure the bigger income for you.

2. Place stickers with the invitation link on your car, print it on a business card or brochure.

  • We can create a unique website name for you, for example: Instead of "study" you can specify any word that will be assigned to you. The system will udentify that the customer used your unique link and update you bonus balance.
  • Choose the word you would like to assign to yourself and send it to our email -

3. Using your personal website or channel on Youtube

  • If you have a website or blog, feel free to post our banner and earn with StudentTerra
  • Place banners with the invitation link on your website

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